Cooling solutions for devices

Heat buildups are are a real problem for home electronics, including streaming devices. With many tv android boxes lacking airspace and enough ventilation, you should consider purchasing a ventilation/cooling fan to place under or on top of your device to keep your cpu from eventually frying your unit. There are many good quality usb connected fans available at amazon along with other retailers and manufacturers. Doing this will help ensure your streaming box has a longer life span.


I also built holding stands for my devices that stand it up on it’s “thin” side, which now exposes both the top and also the bottom. Maybe overkill, but no issues so far.

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I applied self-stick “feet” to the bottom of both my Cube and FireTV. They sit about an inch higher then before.

These are also good passive methods to help keep your box cooler if you have enough cooling vents. The problem with some of these devices is a lack of ventilation holes which allows heat from the more powerful higher speed processors to build up. If the heat consistently reaches 60 degrees celcius or higher, it is doubtful that it is going to last very long. I placed a cooling fan under my a95x max box to push cooler air below through the box and it keeps the internal processor temperature in a range between 42 and 46 degrees.