Cinemar HD not in Troypoint app st

Why has Cinema HD been removed from troypoint app store. Is there a problem with the links?


Looking closer, I don’t see any of the movie site APK’s…

After clicking the Rapid App Installer tab, there’s a note now at the top of the page indicating everyone should download the Unlinked app & use code 44444444 to access any needed apps.


msteele… A lot of apps are now ‘missing’ from Troys appstore, BUT, download the unlinked app from Troys Rapid App Store…as mentioned already… insert code 44444444… then you will find 500=apps including Cinema… enjoy


So I have tried the unlinked 4 code, when you go to back out of watching a movie. It would throw you out of the app. The build in the 4code doesn’t seem stable. I wish troypoint would add it back. I have tried a few codes on unlinked and finding the only ones that are stable are ones with adds. Anyone got a good no add Cinema working and stable? Thanks everyone.

I downloaded Cinema from the unlinked area and when I go to install it , it states “package appears to be corrupt”. All I want to do is update the cinema already installed to the newer version since it no longer gives me the update message. Help anyone

i had to uninstall my older version before the newer version from unlinked would install

I downloaded from unlinked in Troy’s app,installed and can’t find the apps ,any ideas?
On a nvidia shield pro 2019 up to date,ipvanish on or off doesn’t matter.
What am I doing wrong?

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Hello Everyone, we can no longer distribute questionable apps through our Rapid App Installer for obvious reasons. Use Unlinked. If one store doesn’t work, try a different one. Best Unlinked Secret Codes for 2021 (SUBSCRIBERS ONLY!) - TROYPOINT: Tech Tutorials On Firestick, Android TV Box, VPN, IPTV, Streaming, & More


I thought about doing that but was scared that I would not be able to download it at all. I’ll cross my fingers that I don’t loose it… Thanks for your feedback

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Apps downloaded from file synced seem to work well

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Hello @WHISKY did you type the proper code into Unlinked? 44444444 is one of the best ones. We have additional ones added here - Best Unlinked Secret Codes for 2021 (SUBSCRIBERS ONLY!) - TROYPOINT: Tech Tutorials On Firestick, Android TV Box, VPN, IPTV, Streaming, & More

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I was also getting the corrupt file thing. You do have to remove your existing Cinema first then install the unlinked version. It will work fine. After you launch it you’ll probably see another update.

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I downloaded unlinked app went to ad free cinema apk ,downloaded it , and when i went to launch it opened on cinema blue screen and just stayed there . could not fully launch it. tried uninstalled and tried again and the same thing keeps happening. I installed other aps (cyberflix and other ) with no problem. C an anyone help me?)

Think cinema are paranoid want users to get it from there site.they want people to pay for a ad free app .i still have ad free one from weeks ago

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