Cinema not loading real-debrid links

Cinema does not lot real-debrid links


Most common issue for this is your real debrid time has run out.

Make sure to check it.

Hi @JamesH
Check to make sure your real-debrid account hasn’t expired. There is no warning to let you know.

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My account is good but still won’t load . I have 2 firesticks and the other works fine.


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Make sure your sub time has not expired. Also make sure your not using it at different locations.

One thing you can do is try using a different apk with real debrid. Cinemahd does have issues.
Also reauthorize your rd to cinemahd

I’d explore all opportunities using real debrid. Huge library of stuff

I have seen this in my case in the past. If cinema was recently updated check that cinema settings have not changed for real debrid and you may have to log into your real debrid account again.


This should be your solution.

Use a vpn on the real debrid whitelist and should be good.

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