Cinema/Kodi Timeout

Hi! …I used to have no issues with Cinema, etc, (except some buffering), but when there was the fairly recent change to the Firestick home page, I now can’t ever access anything b/c Cinema times out & Kodi wheel just spins. I’m in a condo & share internet box with 7 other units. Do I have any hope to be able to use these apps again? I just added Real-Debrid but it doesn’t matter b/c I can’t even pull anything up in a search anymore.

Thank you!!

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I have a 1st or 2nd gen Firestick. Don’t know if getting a new one would help?

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Hi @Skiss777
So my first concern would be to determine if you have enough download speeds to stream. You need at least 25-30mbps to stream wirelessly with little buffering. Sharing with 7 others and all are online at nearly the same time will decrease your speed.
So check your speed to determine if you have enough while most of the people you share with are online.

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I would also start learning how to minimize Amazon Bloatware on your stick, Get a new loader like Wolf, and make sure you’ve optimized your settings to stop all the “checking” that Amazon does. Once you have optimized it you should have less buffering and lockups.


Thank you both! Speed used to be good enough but the very day the Firestick home page changed format, everything tarted timing out. Sharing with so many people has been an issue for sure. …I’ll look into both of these & really appreciate your taking the time to respond.

If you need a hand learning what “Amazon” options to turn off, and where, then ask away. Other than that:

Have Fun and STREAM ON.


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I would focus on cleaning up your firestick, clear data and cache and try again, but I think sharing it with others and low downspeeds maybe the cuase of network issues and timeouts.


1st gen firestick is just asking for trouble today. I spent last week at my daughters home - I bought her a couple of second gen firestick a few years back, and these were painfully slow compare to my 4k firestick. The bloated OS and ads from amazon have crippled the older devices. For anything other than Amazon Prime, I’d just bite the bullet and update to a Firestick 4k.

Why not the Firestick lite, firestick 3rd gen or firestick 4k Max? Well, most sideloaded app icons no longer show up on the firestick with their “improved” OS7.

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