Cinemahd issues

Cinema is blacking out and freezing. I have been force closing and relaunching but its getting annoying. I have RD and viewing is good. It does not happen with Kodi/Seren and it only happens on one out of 3 FS (4k version)
These are the only 2 add ons i use.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Not sure if this is the right thread but did not want to start new thread and saw nothing in search

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Hi @JediJudy
So Cinemahd has been giving most people trouble lately. Service hasn’t been that great and most have switched to the set up you have of Kodi with Seren and added the Crew as well and moved away from Cinema altogether.


Thank you so much…sometimes i think its just me

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I clear them often and reset sort of often

Your advice about Kodi/Serene/RD/Trakt has been a joy.
Thank you again

Cinema is just a bit easier to navigate (one push of a button) I also like the overviews of shows.