Cinema hd throwing out useless links other than movie advertised

Anyone else have this issue?


Yes to watch a film that I want I have to go through about 10 random links for various films usually comes up with suicide squad


Its been terrible. Glad its not just me lol


Hello @taffyblue I suggest switching to Syncler with Real-Debrid. Been using it for 8 months with absolutely no problems at all. How To Install & Use Syncler on Firestick and Android TV Box I also have a setup video for Patrons and Founders under Exclusive Guides Category here -


I agree with Troy, I have been using Syncler for almost a year and have no problems. I use the paid version, it’s like $18 a year, add real-debrid and you are good to go. Good luck.


I am having the same problem I will try synclar and see if that works
Thanks guys.


yes, i have that issue as well.

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I just don’t pick the first three links sometimes I get lucky.


I agree. Movie not matching links. Bee TV has been great. I still do take a chance on Cinema because most of the time I select the right li,k.

I’ve had that very issue with cinema HD for the past month I even tried to put a kids film on for him and let’s just say the film that started wasn’t exactly appropriate lol

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Exactly. Put all. The old.movies instead of what you really want to watch

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Usually I get luck when I play the first HD link that has no file size in it’s title.

This is unfortunately a much more step filled and “complicated” process. It’s not bad at all of you want that. I’m looking to stay with Cinema and their general set up.

Same problem here with CINEMA HD, as well.

I had RealDebrid for several months. I CANCELED my Paid Subscription, because it didn’t make any difference.

It did offer a lot more Links, but most of them were LOADED with Adds for Slot Games (for Movies in Theaters, CAM Versions), or they would play random movies, unrelated to the movie I was trying to watch.

I use Bee TV, most of the time now, but it even has similar issues, on occasion.

I guess you get what you pay for, huh??? LOL

Look for the links M4U 720p they always are right for the movie. If it’s new it will take awhile to show up but until then your gonna get dumb links to pop up. I will look at the names of the other ones to not click on and tell you


No problem at all, what device do you use

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Cheers for the replies guys n gals

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Yes and using real debrid but still getting wrong links

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WebHD (UserLoad) works everytime for me. Used to be anything that said Google Video but those don’t seem to pop up anymore :thinking:

I can’t get Syncler on my android phone. Version 8.1.0 oreo. I can install the installer. However the file download keeps failing. Hmmm.