Cinema HD problem

I was very busy over the weekend and haven’t opened Cinema. My next step is to get a VPN, I’m baffled if that doesn’t fix it. My Real Debrid is up to date until Feb 2022.


when you press play on your selected program as soon as it starts pause then go to top right hand corner and click HW and change it to HW +. HAPPY DAYS

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Check are you using VPN and test your speed


No rush, take your time. If that doesn’t work, there is lots of other options to integrate your real debrid and get everything.

If it doesn’t work I’d highly suggest kodi with crew or syncler even stremio.

This guide has everything mentioned btw. I think before we make topics on cinemahd we should go through this guide very carefully.

Includes all of audio issues with mx player including codec installation to real debrid. If this guide didn’t resolve the issue I then would suggest trying something els.


When I have trouble pulling up movies that have no sources, a simple trick works for me. Unplug modem and TV for several minutes. Otherwise, I have no problems using any apps. The builds work better for me.

Well. I logged out of RD and uninstall Cinema and reinstalled Cinema with your instructive description and then logged back into RD. I’m still not getting the pics of the movies, I get a few but not all as I scroll down. I’m going to get a VPN and go from there. With the holidays I’m not watching much tv but when I get the VPN I’ll let you all know how it turns out. Thank you for all of your help and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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Problem was resolved using a VPN. Glad it’s working! Enjoy.