Cinema apk not reopening

Any fix to reopening Cinema? I have to force stop it to reopen. Hitting the back button multiple times doesn’t work anymore. On firestick.

hi i have cinema version 2.5.2 on firestick working fine

Hello @Tmkowalski when you are force stopping it, also try clearing cache…not data, cache only.

Also, try restarting the device if that doesn’t help.

Finally, uninstall/reinstall. I had same problem with Kodi on my device a few weeks ago and once I uninstalled/reinstalled problem went away permanently.


i agree with @TROYPOINT i clear my cache on regular basis firesticks dont have alot of space

I do both every time, force stop and clear cache. Have V2.6. Have had firesticks for over 10 yrs. This is a new problem.

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That could be the problem - sounds like a blocked ad gumming up the works!

I am having the same problem and performing the same tasks and get nothing.


Only solution seems to be uninstalling! I just don’t like putting everything back in. Should I install 2.5? I have 2.6 now? Any other apk’s recommendations? Most seem to be full of ads!

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Onstream doesn’t have ads. You could also try BeeTV or FilmPlus with SurfShark (CleanWeb) or Blockada.

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**Have Ipvanish, but it doesn’t have some of the ad removal options Surfshark does. I’ve cancelled, but runs til Feb 24. BeeTv and Filmplus are loaded w ads for me. So I may be switching to Surfshark, but I had trouble signing up before. **

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It amazes me that these developers plug their software with so many ads that it becomes unusable. Surely they realize people just go elsewhere and they lose everything?


This may be blasphemous, but I should mention, I have Been w them from the start. 10+ years. They have been great and helpful, but I don’t see some ot the APKs that Troypoint offers! I have been using Troypoint for gaining more info!

Mine seems to be working fine.

Had same problem with 2.6 went to 2.52 adfree

Where can you find the 2.5 cinema instructions? I’d appreciate if you could find that for me. Thank you.

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Have you had any luck finding 2.5?

Where can I find 2.5 please and thanks

Troy where can I find version 2.5 to rid these ads. Working 2.4 and 2.6 are working terrible on fire devices and Google Chromecast tv

Hello everyone. Your screen goes black when this is happening correct? The reason why this is happening is because you’re letting your TV show or Movie run to the very end. Try backspacing out of the program or movie as soon as it is over. Otherwise you are forced to do the force stop and clear cache as everybody else has suggested. Also I have noticed this issue since ver 2.4.
SIDE NOTE. I I was hoping ver 2.6 would have fixed this but it didn’t. Since it hasn’t I actually like 2.4 better so I have reverted back to it. I tried 2.6 for a few months but I’m a bigger fan of 2.4.

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