Cinema and Syncler only Apps left?

Did all the others get shutdown? I tried the Cinema without ads and it crashed if I change the category from Trending TV shows. I haven’t tried Syncler at all, but wondering what happened to the others.

Also the regular Cinema show “trending” or maybe called something else on FS4k, but the app on my phone only shows older movies under “popular”. I can’t get to the currently trending for movies on phone. Phone is at 2.2.1. When checking for updates, I do get message that v2.3.5 works on FS, Shield. Maybe it doesn’t work on phones?

Don’t worry about anything since you haven’t tried Syncler yet and its the best ever. All you need. There’s also Weyd app too.

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Does Syncler work without RD? I feel like that’s why I haven’t tried it.

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RD and.Symcler + are dirt cheap and you no longer need your paid services like Netflix and such. Really awesome so fo for it. You won’t be disappointed.

For some of us, RD takes our money, but gives us nothing in return.

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can you please elaborate? what happened?


Shouldn’t give you nothing. Must have set up wrong.

Real debrid is awesome

There is:
Syncler plus best 3 with real debrid.

There is others but I find these work the best.


Should give you everything. I’m also curious. Please elaborate.

Hi @TP-Dracoo
Seren w/real-debrid is in that same class.



Yes, it’s awesome.

My kodi has crew and seren. I can find anything with real debrid. Both addons are great.

You can even add different scrapper packages to seren and have them work all in one with real debrid.

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I’m curious, you can use other scrapers for Seren besides a4kScrapers?
Do tell!

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Sorry, secrets. :wink:

You can add scrapper packages yes. There is a option to manage them and install in the settings.

Orion is one with looking into. Mind you they offer paid service for perium links but they have a free package 100 links a month.

Pretty sure you can add venom scrapper to seren as well.


Cool :sunglasses:
Good to know.

Try that.

I may have made a mistake. Seren uses a4kScrapers

You can add orion to it and fenom with that github link.

But linked with real debrid those 3 scrappers are practically all you need.

I will find more packaged for seren if needed

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So, in Seren, when I go into installing provider packages, I click on “install packages” on the right side which opens a keyboard and input the “http” url for Venom scrapers?

What about HD Cinema using VLC instead of MX player. MX player has problem with sound that VLC doesn’t.

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Mx player is missing a codec when you download it from the play store. It has issues with surround sound and the codec isn’t apart of mx player anymore has to be installed manually. So links that have atmos and Dolby and all that you will get audio error. That codec will fix all that.

I’m pretty sure the rapid app installer unlinked has the proper version. If not need to download the zip file codec for mx and add it and you won’t have sound issues.

Vlc all that is built in and never removed. Vlc is open source as well.

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I also have the Orion addon in stremio and it finds quite a number of links.


Orion is pretty good, but its like rd, you can pay for it.

You get 100 links free a month. I’m considering trying a paid version and setting up a orion only setup and see how that compares to rd.

Orion has a lifetime option as well and like 2 bucks a month.


when I go to the Dakota in the MX player and type the armv7 neon custom codec it’s no longer taking the original one. I have a TiVo streaming device and maybe that’s the problem but I have been using the DLC which we know is a pain in the neck if you want to fast forward