Cinema and Syncler only Apps left?

Did all the others get shutdown? I tried the Cinema without ads and it crashed if I change the category from Trending TV shows. I haven’t tried Syncler at all, but wondering what happened to the others.

Also the regular Cinema show “trending” or maybe called something else on FS4k, but the app on my phone only shows older movies under “popular”. I can’t get to the currently trending for movies on phone. Phone is at 2.2.1. When checking for updates, I do get message that v2.3.5 works on FS, Shield. Maybe it doesn’t work on phones?

Don’t worry about anything since you haven’t tried Syncler yet and its the best ever. All you need. There’s also Weyd app too.

Does Syncler work without RD? I feel like that’s why I haven’t tried it.

RD and.Symcler + are dirt cheap and you no longer need your paid services like Netflix and such. Really awesome so fo for it. You won’t be disappointed.

For some of us, RD takes our money, but gives us nothing in return.