Choices on Streaming Devices

So if money was no concern (that’s not me by the way) and you could have any streaming device you wanted, what would it be… and why?

Nvidea Shield, because it is the best on the market with less issues, blazing fast and easily configured…that is arguable just my take. I also have a mecool, firesticks, onn sticks and boxes and they all work but none are even close to the shield.


Nvidia Shield Pro without a doubt. Very customizable and a beast of a device. I do however like the TiVo Stream 4K as well because they are easy to setup and use and have a kick butt remote. I will eventually replace all of our TiVo Stream 4K with the Shield Pro as I did replacing Firesticks with the TiVo Stream 4K


I’ll be the contrarian here and recommend the Ugoos AM6 B Plus over the Nvidia Shield. It has 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, (double of the Shield), excellent quality hardware, hexacore Amlogic processor, runs on open android 9.0, has no bloatware on the home screen, and is much more customizable, with much greater flexibility and freedom for you to download apps of your own choosing, including launchers. It also scores higher benchmark scores than any other device except Nvidia Shield and costs less.


Interesting. Never heard of it. I will definitely check it out. Thanks!


I have a Skystream Pro 8k. I can’t list all the specifics by heart like some of the patrons here. I do know I have Kodi with 4 addons, IPVanish, an IPTV service, Netflix, Tubi, Pluto, You Tube, and various other apps and apks loaded on it and still have over 32 GB of space left. It is fast, reliable, and very easy to set up. I am very satisfied with its’ performance and ease of use. My only complaint with it is the remote is pretty cheap and leaves one wondering why they went so cheap on the remote with such a good android box.


That box reminds me of the Beelink GT King…similar specs but way cheaper. The King cost as much as the shield and yours is very similar and way cheaper. Might have to dig in and check it out. :+1:


I think there is a remote dump out there making 95% of the remotes. The firestick and onn remotes are identicle as well as others :grimacing:


Check out the TV Box Stop video review. That should help you out.


I ask this very question to the big guy in charge last week. All he had to say was this is what I use. So I just purchased a Nvidia Shield Pro and am setting it up as I type. No lag, I mean NONE! Picture quality with the chip set is remarkable. I still have like 3 or 4 firestick and yes they work well. Better than this new unit? NOPE. . But for the main system this is it. Why did I wait so long. Spend the 199 and go but it.


I have not been here long but I swear by the T95Z Plus Android Boxes that you can find on Amazon. Just make sure you get the latest Android OS and processor as there are many different versions of I really don’t understand why more people are not using these versus Firesticks especially if you want to load KODI Builds. These Boxes have way more Memory and storage than the Firestick and cost wise are not a lot more than the Stick.

YMMV but I have seen many posts here from people using KODI that do not want to download Builds but only Addons due to space. And while the Addons are essentially the same whether in a Build or on their own I’ve seen way to many posts about people having issues especially those using The CREW KODI Addon and most of these people are running the addon on the Stick.

YMMV but just my .02


That wouldn’t be a surprise at all. I imagine a lot of the internal integrated parts come from the same manufacturers also.

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Troypoint team does a good job on explaining things and making firesticks work for people.

But it’s very limited with its small resources. I understand why people buy them, perfect for the pre installed apps and maybe a small addon here and there. Paid apps are the sticks bread and butter if you have many of those subscriptions. It functions great for hd and 4k with the right internet for those apps.

If you limit the stick to stremio syncler kodi with one addon should be fine.

But if you want to truly cut the cord and use all the available programs and apps along with HD and real debrid it’s highly recommended to use a android tv box or a stock android box which will net you a different experiences especially on using builds for kodi and many other functions. There is more room to explore.

But depending on what you want to do should be how you buy your device.

This topic is highly asked I would suggest exploring troypoints reviews and using the search function.

My personal recommendations:

Nvidia pro sheild
4k max
Fourmler pro 10 max

There is lots of other options for generic Android boxes.

What to look for 2022:

4 gigs ram or higher
32 gigs or higher hard drive space
External USB/hard drive options
Gigabyte ethernet for a 10/1000 hard wired connection
Good wifi connection with Bluetooth 5 or higher (2.4 5g or higher support.)
Android 7.1 or higher
1080p and 4k support
Good hardware decoders. Av1 truehd dolby vision and so on. (New boxes have this support)


Thank you Dracoo for your very informative post. As you well know I am a Firestick only user. With the new 4k Max, I use Stremio, TeaTV, TiViMate, Ola Tv, and now Kodi with the Mad Titan addon, and Real Debrid, I rarely ever get buffering and with all the other apps for security and cleaning I have installed, I watch anything I want with ease and pleasure. Now I can’t attest to the sticks recording abilities as I don’t record. I presently do not have the USB external memory attached and with everything installed I still have 2.43 GB of internal space free. When I tested a build in Kodi I still had over 2GB of free space. I will admit, I make sure my stick is cleaned of garbage on a daily basis, and this probably takes more effort than other devices due to the limited storage, I honestly don’t know. I shut the power off every night as well. So I have thousands of live TV channels, many ways to watch movies, TV Series, and sports, and couldn’t be any happier with the simple ease of use. Reading your post, maybe it’s time to save some profits from my many Firestick sales and installs, and buy a Nvidia Shield Pro, just to have the experience and to see what all the hype is about. Trouble is they’re about $330 U.S. down here.
Have fun and STREAM ON.


Do I understand correctly is that box rooted when you get it?

Best Device to purchase by far is an NVidia Shield Pro. I am not financially limited, in my ManCave I have 3 TV’s, a 75" Sony X95J, an older 80" Visio & a Samsung 75" Crystal all lined up with an inch separating them.
The Sony is the Google TV model, using the Developer option & I added a 32gig USB drive for infrequently used apps. I also added a usb/ethernet adapter & streaming download speed exceeds 400MB/s. For streaming “Legal” services it is superior to the 2019 NVidia Pro which is also attached to it. I stream from the Internet with TV Bro (Brave can be sideloaded easy but requires a mouse) which works well within its framework. The NVidia Shield with a separate ethernet connection attached is used for using other apps when I “catchup” with TV programs especially to binge-watch & I use the Brave browser on the Shields.
The NVidia Pro is absolutely the best device on the market, I have 2017 & 2019 models. Will add the 2022 model when available. I am replacing 4K Firesticks as new Shield models are released.
My advice - Buy a Shield for your main ManCave TV, buy 4K Firesticks for bedroom TV’s & for a Living Room “Family” TV, buy the 2021 Sony Bravia XR X90J Smart TV Google version in 75" or 86". I have the 86" & on it Prime, HBO Max & Disney+ accounts. With these my 3 grand daughters are well satisfied plus it has TV Bro for streaming sites using IPVanish. They generally only use the 2017 NVidia Shield on it for playing games, YouTube using S-Tube or Instagram.
The Visio 80" is 1080, 4K was not yet on the market & it is my computer monitor using an Apple Pro-Mac tower. (Nothing streams live sports better than a Mac) The 60GHz Samsung Crystal 4K 75" runs my 4K ethernet security system camera feeds live but also has a highly configured 4K Firestick & a TV antenna for local news broadcasts.


Ugoos, not Igoos, in case you are going to search for information on it.

My bad. Ugoos it is. My spell checker must be on vacation! :keyboard:

The Ugoos has a root switch you can turn on or off.


Excellent post. Thanks. Two other good video review sources for android boxes are TV Box Stop and Chigz Reviews. They are very thorough and objective as well.

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