Cheap Printer Ink

i found a site that sells remanufactured ink cartridges and also compatible ink cartridges, really cheap prices. i ordered for my epson printer–3 times as many cartridges at half the price, including shipping…have not used them yet…will probably install in a few days, and report back… is the web address, and i gain nothing from anybody visiting and/or making a purchase


Just set up an account with them. Thanks for the link!

I’m very cautious about buying remanufactured ink cartridges. Most of the time, it is cheap because the ink is a very low grade and tends to smear instead of dry like the original ink. I have been researching the Tank printers that have refillable tanks. They are more money up front but the ink is much cheaper in the long run.

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@Powerfader …u r welcome… @AMD237… yeah, i looked into those, but i already have a printer and thatz not an option…and the compandsave site has a “if your not happy get in touch for a refund or site credit”…so i’m gonna try them out…the ink for my epsom artisan 725 is $107 or more=1 cartridge of each color-6 total…i got 5 Black-2 Cyan-2 Magenta-2 Yellow-2 Light Cyan-2 Light Magenta for $52 including shipping so we shall see!

I’m not saying all the refill cartridge places are like that, but it is sometimes difficult and frustrating to find one that provides good ink at low prices. Hopefully this place works out well! Let us know your feedback after so we know how they are.

I am honestly intrigued but these tank printers as an option down the road. Just wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention. I think they may be the most economical way to print at home at the moment.

oh…i totally agree, @AMD237 if i was in the market for a new printer i would deff go that route. pre covid my ink was about $50-60 so that wasn’t tooo bad, but now it’s just ridiculous. for me this epson does what i want it to do, is bad azzzz when printing photos…and if this cheaper ink works out then yea!!

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I bought the Epson ET-2800 ink tank printer this past summer. My wife did the research on this purchase and it has worked well. You can see the liquid ink levels and can tell when it gets low. Haven’t replaced anything yet but you buy bottles of the liquid ink you need. Supposedly much cheaper.

I got where I didn’t trust the conventional inkjets that seem to warn you too frequently to replace a cartridge. Now I can see if it is actually low.


I bought the Epson ET-4800 for my wife for Christmas…or I mean Santa did. Just set it up last night, put the ink in (so cool to dump it in and see the levels), and did some test printing. I’ll let you know what I think of it as we use it.


Cheap printers like my Hp Envy 4520 all-in-one I think is better to just buy a new cheap printer instead of buying the ink cartridges. Think about it you can buy a cheap printer and it will come with ink cartridges. When you use up the ink sell the printer on eBay or Craigslist. Then use that money to buy another printer, and so on. lol Heck, I just saw a printer for $100 bucks and comes with a 6-month ink refill offer.

Since I retired, I don’t print much anymore. Most of the time the ink cartridge dries out before I use up the ink. So, for me, it would seem more prudent to buy a $50 buck printer and print what I need and either sell the printer, box it back up and re-gift it, or take it back to the store for a return. LOL! …jus kiddin?

Just thought of another perk in doing the return gig. After you have returned and got your money back send your wife or kid in there the next day and buy it back as an open box for probably half the price and apply that savings to buying some ink! …really, I am jus kiddin folks…??

2 Likes is another reman seller, they have really cheap Epson cartridges but the reliability has gone down considerably. They also give 100 % refund or replacement. Just have to try them and see if they work for you.


That’s what I just went with is cannon tank printer got tired of paying for those damn ink cartridges and the remanufactured ones don’t always work well in my experience. Love just filling the tanks


I don’t print that much at home. I just bought a Canon Pixma TR4720 and I love the quality on photo paper. But most of what I’ll use it for is scanning. The automatic cartridge reordering is pretty useful and I couldn’t really find anything THAT much cheaper to make it worth cutting costs and sacrificing quality. I suppose if I did a lot of printing I would have got something different.

I bought ink from a company from Amazon called Vaker, I also bought ink from a company ld, and also I have bought compandsave without any problems. LD and are identical cartridges. The ones from Amazon Vaker are cheaper I’ve never had any problems with them. However you don’t go by the level of Ink on your machine you just run the ink out till it quits. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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On another note I have a HP 5255 all-in-one printer. The printer is not very old it works very well. However HP sent out an update patch to where I was unable to use the HP app to scan documents to pdf. I had researched the web and I found an old app that allowed me to scan and do PDF document. It’s a manual type setup with the app but it works very well. HP is chicken s***.

We’ve had an Epson ET-3760 for about a year and a half now; as of this writing, our black ink tank is just a touch over half-full, and all 3 colors are evenly about 3/4 full. The black has twice the capacity of the color tanks, BTW - not sure if that’s a standard across brands. In any case, we have an eBay store, so we do a lot of printing, most of which is in black ink. For us to still have a half-full tank of ink after 18 months we think is pretty awesome, so yes, we’re happy with this printer. :printer:


@AJS1 the compandsave web site has some how to and resource help at the bottom of their home page… but happy u got ur prob solved…also glad u had no problems with compandsave, hope that goes the same for me…it may b a short before i change my ink, just printed out some coupons from a tool store to see how they came out cuz my printer is saying INK IS LOW…time to change!!

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Our Epson ET-3760 printer lasted one year. I had high hopes for it (terrific reviews) but I would not recommend it for low use users, like me.

I print maybe 20 pages a year. I am assuming it was the low use that caused the jets (for want of a better name) to clog. I followed a YouTube for how to clean the jets and the YouTube said to take care to allow everything to dry carefully or you will short the printer. Well I shorted the printer.

With regular use, perhaps people will be happier with it. We’ve now invested in a Brother laser printer. No more colour or two sided printing, but hopefully it will last.

I never go by the level of Ink on the printer itself. Always run ink until completely quits printing runs out HP has a bad habit of saying the ink is low or out when it’s actually half full.

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If you have any problems with your remanufactured ink cartridges not being recognized by your Epson printer. You can purchase INKCHIP chip less firmware from It worked with my Epson WF-2650 printer.


I just checked the price for my ink cartridges, the price from Amazon was cheaper…HP 63