Certain APK’s showing minimal Real Debrid links

APK’s such as FilmPlus, BeeTV, and Nova are showing minimal Real Debrid links or none at all. Also the size and quality leave a lot to be desired. Most links are under 2GB and do not show atmos in description. I still use Cinema and CyberFlix and they show many very good Real Debrid links sorted by resolution and size with descriptive links.

Yeh i get the same with the apps you mentioned. Have you tried stremio and kodi?

KODI is the best. Don’t use Stremio.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

I use Stremio and have for a long time. I gave up on Kodi and all the issues it has. Now I safely watch movies and series in Stremio and Live TV in TiViMate. 2 Very dependable and reliable apps.
Have Fun and STREAM ON!!

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What are the best add-ons for Stremio?



Addons depend on what content you want. Torrentio is one of my faves.

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