Catmouse app , where to find

Hi , where can i download Catmouse on my Formuler Z10? I had it installed on my old H96 android box but cannot find it anywhere. Thanks.

CatMouse APK Not Working – Here are the Best Alternatives (
I don’t believe they are around anymore. Unless it came back as another app with a different name. There are tons of great streaming apps now though. What did you like about Catmouse that draws you back to it? Maybe we can find you a similar, new one.

I still sream it on my H96 box. I do regular updates.

Multiple sites have recommended against using an app that doesn’t really seem to be around anymore. If it still works, great, keep it until it doesn’t. I still highly recommend trying some of the others on Troy’s list. Several of them are really terrific.

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Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.


Yeah I do use other apps , Catmouse has always been reliable and usually has good links.

Do you pair it with Real Debrid?

No, I have never used RD.

Obviously, no sense in fixing what ain’t broken. But if you get to a point where you could benefit from more and significantly better sources with these apks, please consider the small investment to go premium with RD. There isn’t a better deal that a cord cutter can make.

Ok, thanks I may give RD a try.


If you end up trying it, come back and post and let us know what you think. I believe you will be truly amazed at the difference in paid sources vs free.


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