Can't Get Kodi or APKs to Work Properly for Movies & TV Shows

I have installed kodi and the other 2 apps on my firestick lite and I have tried to access movies, tv shows etc. I also have downloader installed and have tried numerous things BUT NOTHING IS WORKING TO ACTUALLY SEE ANY MOVIES, TV SHOWS
How do I actually download or install stuff I can watch??
I also have a vpn installed IP Vanish both on my laptop and my firestick
BUT I can’t get anything that I can actually watch
Can you help me ….78 year old man not that technical but I’ve followed all the steps and have aptoide tv, kodi, troypoint etc. on my firestick lite BUT can’t watch anything NBC sports downloded and installed BUT doesn’t work NOTHING WORKS
Please help this old man on a limited budget be able watch sports, movies tv etc.
Thank you,
Garry Hirsch

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Have you run a speed test on your device ? Being that none of the apps are playing your internet may be the culprit

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