Can't find Amazon recast recordings after update

I have several recordings saved on my Amazon recast. Now that I have the new operiating system on my Fire TV I can no longer find them. I tried clicking on FIND and then LIBRARY, but they aren’t there. Any help would be great.

Hi @John13
Good question.
Try this Where to find Fire TV Recast DVR content, recordings, and settings in new Fire TV interface | AFTVnews
And come back here and let us know what happened.

Hi I tried this but I only have watchlist showing, no recordings.


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It’s possible the update erased content.

Whole home dvr

Whole home dvr tivimate

Try those for a whole home dvr recording

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All of the recordings are still there. I can go on my tablet and watch them. I can still record using my TV.

If I do a factory reset, will this delete all my recordings?

Hi @John13
Yes, most likely.

As a last resort I did a reset to factory. Yes all my recordings deleted. I still can’t find where I replay my recordings on my Fire TV. I can find where I set the timer and the channel guide and the set priority, nut no playback. Any suggestions? I’m starting to think that maybe the playback are not allowed in Canada, although I use to be able to replay my recordings.