Can't Fast Forward TiviMate Recording

About 25% of the time when I record a “live” TV show the recording does not
give me the option to FF or the ability to continue from where I left off.
It doesn’t seem to matter what channel I record on, or the particular
program I decide to record.
Terry K

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I just started recording with TiviMate and been noticing the same thing.

Hey @terry11 Been there, seen that…wish I had an answer but its still a mystery why Tivi does that. Hope to get an answer/cure one of these days :thinking:

Same! Also why does it only record for an hour? Can you change that. Setting? Record a program start to finish etc?

Have you tried watching the recording on an external player.?

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Unless you do a custom recording the player will record as long as the show runs…nothing to set other than “Record”…example: I sometimes record the Walking Dead & its like an hour & 7 or so minutes. It always records the full length for me…I’ve also done 3 hr golf rounds or football games that last 3+ hrs.

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Trying it for the first time. Just that a pop-up says ‘record for an hr’. I’ll mess about and see how it functions :+1:

“KingPro” you can set up a custom recording for as long as you want.
Go to your EPG, find the program you want to record, hold down the OK(big circle)
button for a sec or two.
Choose “Custom recording”. Select “New recording” You can choose “Start time” and
“Duration”. then away you go.


I’ve never had an issue with recording in tivimate but seeing many that do ive come to the conclusion that most (not all) issues are with android/fire devices and the way they are set up at the factory. Example with the mecool products, I have never had any issue with recording, fast forward etc, same goes for the shield. I believe its mostly that mecool could care less what you do with the box once you get it, with nvidea they just know what their doing. Many boxes want control and lock it down in such a way you almost need to be a android developer to figure it out… And I believe much of this is intentional. Android has been locking it down with each release and telling us its for safety reasons…I rather think thats not the real reason. So if you are really into recording I would suggest getting a more open box and even android 9 which seems to be imho the easiest to work with. Just my 2 cents


My memory leaves much to be desired…but I don’t remember ever seeing that pop-up…when I go to my epg & short click on the show in its time slot, the box that pops up says Remind…Record…Custom Recording & Add to My List…I always just click Record. Now, if you long press then your whole Settings menu pops up on the side & basically says the same thing right below Program description.

It’s not 25%, like @terry11 originally stated…but even on my Mecool I will occasionally get the odd recording that does just as he stated…& Tivimate, my tv & the dog will sure hear about it when it does happen :triumph: :rage:


“pangaeatech”, when I said a “hold down” , I mean longer than a short press.
I have been using a Buzz X5 box for the last month or so.
I have done every thing suggested on “Their” blog.
I find/found that there are recording issues. The X5 is not reliable as a
recording device.
I keep coming back to my old reliable TiViMate.
Terry K

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Buzz or DudBox explains a lot :rofl:

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If your service hiccups just one little second TV mate will screw up on the recording. Every time. And then when that happens you will not be able to fast forward back up or anything it’ll just play like it’s live. If you go to external player such as MX Player you will be able to fast forward on the recording however it will not be indexed and you’ll see some really screwed up numbers.

“AJS1” that makes sense. It seems, to me, if their is a “hiccup”, you would think
you would see it in/on the recording it’s self. Unless the “hiccup” is so fast that it
is undetectable on video.
I did try recording different shows on a channel that “this” happened on. The recordings
were good almost every time after. So this all makes sense!
I AM using a “service” with 5 connections, so I eliminated that as a possible issue as well.
Thanks for the reply.
Terry K

Install MXPlayer and watch ur messed up / all recordings with that! MX will let u FF, REW, pause and remember where u paused, etc. most any video file. When it works and u fall off ur chair, send me a cup of coffee to say “Thanks” :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

Thanks “BigWillieStyle” (BWS) for that.
I noticed that when I open a movie or TV series I have the option to
“Open in external player” but I don’t see that option with a recording from a Live TV
show. I did down load MX player to my 4KMax firestick.

I’ve had TV mate record 30 minutes of 1 hour show and just stop recording for no reason no hiccup no nothing just stop recording. It’s a very sensitive recording system I don’t understand it it’s not like a DVR my DVR my satellite record anything it doesn’t matter what it is it recorded hiccups bumps flashes lightning strikes it doesn’t matter the DVR will record it, Tivimate won’t.

Open the recording in an external player like mx player will solve this issue

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Like I mentioned to “BWS”, I get the “play with external player” option on a TV series or VOD, but, not
on/with a recorded program.
Terry K