BuzzTV X5 Android TV Box Review

This BuzzTV X5 Review was written by Troy from TROYPOINT after using the Android TV Box on a regular basis for approximately one week.


Great review. I also within the last few weeks have tried both the top of the line Formuler and Buzztv boxes. Both verrrrry nice to say the least. I enjoyed both and loved the remotes most of all. For me the remotes make the boxes. Both of these boxes are designed in their own “eco-system” and perform top notch. They are geared toward streamers in every way but as a long time streamer they lack one main thing. Have you guessed what it might be?

Tivimate, yep at this time it is for my money the absolute best iptv manager on the market.
If either Formuler or Buzztv had implemented tivimate into their system I would have had a hard time sending the boxes back

So if I had never heard of tivimate I…most likely would have one of these boxes…maybe both :joy:… Now if we can get a remote built just for tivimate…you get the picture…pure joy :sweat_smile:
Great Review

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Great review, and i agree with @TXRon but i must say the intergrated mytvonline2 has worked amazingly well before i ran into tivimate.

As each update comes im started to see more tivimate like options aha.


You can’t install TiViMate on those boxes?

you can, but you pay for their ecosystem and the remotes are taylored to it.

Ahhh ok. Got ya. So if you already have a TiViMate sub you can install TiViMate and configure it on either of those boxes, or is it just to much effort for little gain?

lotta money on a box just for a remote IMHO. You can install tivimate on an onn box, another tivimate on a buzztv box and see no difference :rofl:

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I can’t wait for Troy’s in-depth review on this box. I was so excited about this x5 that I couldn’t wait for Troy’s final thoughts but I hope it’s good because the 64g version is on its way already.:shushing_face::roll_eyes:

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You will love it. Buzztv is 2nd to none.

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I guess you need a more personalized remote. I just asked mine if she would please get me another beer. Instant response and many features it’s taken years to program in. :rofl: :space_invader:


1st thing you will notice is how well its packaged…lotsa detail :+1:


@TXRon you’re hyping me right up here.:smiley:

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How do you purchase the X5?

just search for buzztv global

Thats where I got mine (buzztv global Canada) but I think you can get from Amazon (Canada) with a 2 or 3 week window for delivery. PS- I got it from buzztv in about 4 days.

Hey PapaS if you want a little help PM me. I’ve clicked my way around ES and may be able to help you a bit.


Thanks a whole pile @Miki and I’m probably going to be taking you up on that one. :blush:

Thanks for the info.

is there a way to power the box off? i can’t seem to get the power button to work on the box itself?

@Comtech just made me get my reading glasses and a flashlight out cause I thought maybe I missed something but on 2nd close inspection I don’t have a power button on the box itself (x5) at all. Very possible even on 2nd inspection I could be missing something. :sweat_smile::rofl: