BuzzTV Powerstation 6 Now Available for Pre-Order

That is the case with most VPNs when you’re using the WireGuard protocol. Try checking your bandwidth speeds when using the OpenVPN protocol. I prefer the OpenVPN protocol instead of WireGuard since it has been around longer and has withstood greater scrutiny over that time.

Not sure why anyone would switch protocols to one that underperforms others. Some protocols work better on certain networks only because of the ISPs not the VPN. For example, Proton has a new protocol called Stealth, unfortunately it doesn’t play well with my ISP so I simply went back to Wireguard. But even then Proton has “Speed up” coding that helps eliminate some of the issues and provides a stable and faster connection. But whatever works for you is all that matters. Thankfully there are many protocol options available and more coming along yet. I highly recommend everyone spend the time to test their various VPN protocols to see which works the best on their systems.

I like the Formuler Z 11 Pro Max. It has the best IPTV Player bar non. I have been using formular for years

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