BuzzTV Powerstation 6 Now Available for Pre-Order

Originally published at: BuzzTV Powerstation 6 Now Available for Pre-Order

BuzzTV has announced the launch of a new Android TV streaming device called the BuzzTV Powerstation 6 which is expected to be available sometime in 2024. The Powerstation 6 (P6) comes in a lineup of 3 new devices from BuzzTV which also includes the X5 SuperSport and the L1 Linux Player. The most notable, however,…


I have fallowed you for years :+1::+1: and cut the cord with the firestick. With the upcoming changes I will need to change streaming devices eventually. That being said what streaming device do you recommend? As the firestick is all I know… thank you for your time.


You’ll get lots of opinions on different devices and most are good choices from the budget friendly ONN or TiVo boxes to the higher price Nvidia or Buzz TV.
The important thing to remember is that all of these are Android boxes, including the Firestick. If you can operate a firestick you can operate the others.
Just because you learned to drive a Ford doesn’t mean you can’t drive a Toyota !


What is the Widevine classification for the P6?

Widevine is required in order to watch streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many more. Since the content is protected by Widevine, there’s no other option.
What Is Google Widevine DRM and Why Do You Need It? - Make Tech Easier
What Is Google Widevine DRM and Why Do You Need It? - Make Tech Easier

Like @BigDave said, you have a wide variety to choose from. The best way to know what to get is how you will use it. Just streaming? Gaming? Lots of apps?

I started with firesticks and have since moved on as well (one fs left). Both my Nvidea Shield Pro and Onn 4k box both work well but you definitely have more speed/capabilities with the Shield Pro.

If you arent in a rush just do some research first. For $20 the Onn is a good start and can be used as a back up device in case you decide to get something else.

Happy hunting.

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How difficult is it to side load the Nvidea Shield Pro… Kodi/Addons and the such.
I’m looking at the more expensive NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro Streaming Media Player; 4K HDR, but are wondering if maybe that’s too much for what I do, which is strictly streaming.

I guess the difficulty will depend on your knowledge. But when you say “strictly streaming” what do you mean? Iptv? Kodi? Tv apps?

Kodi is just a download from the app store. Not a pain like with a FS. No side loading needed but you will need to set up kodi with addons or a build.

Other things may require you to use Downloader. This will give you access to other apks that would be considered as side loading. As they arent available through regular download options.

Yet still others are available from different ways.

I have the Nvidia Shield tv pro and it is probably more than i need but i also dont worry about my downloads or storage space. Its quick and has great video enhancement features. No complaints.

I also have the Onn 4k box. Runs fine but its limited to how much can be downloaded. Just like the Firestick it only has about 5GB of space but half the price.Both are slower than the Nvidia and its noticeable.

There may be better more suitable options for you as well. I just havent used them to know.

If you want to get your feet wet and test the water…get a Onn 4k box for $20. If you like it and it fits your needs… Perfect! If you need more…there plenty of other options before you have to spend $ on a Nvidia shield tv pro.

Or just buy the Pro and know you have all you need. If $ isnt an issue this is the pick.

Hope this helps.

Great points. I do my own simple kodi build, estuary with Twilight & a wizard.
Other than that its Syncler & Sling for Dad. Ordered the OnnTv box and decided to go with the Nvidia Pro.
My Amazon devices both my $k Cube & Stick are now freezing on the splash screen and are having to remove the textures file every week. Something I had no issues with a year ago. That and their telling us what we can and cannot do with devices we pay good money for.
Really appreciate the reply.

I’d be excited if it had TWO MUST-HAVE features: As previously mentioned here WideVine certification to be able to watch NetFlix (and other providers) at other than SD resolution, and most important to me is 4K AI upscaling. The Nvidia Shields do this as does my Amazon Gen 3 FireTV Cube. If you have a 4K TV and watch a lot of YouTube then 4K upscaling is a must-have feature. I can’t imagine spending probably over $200 for this device which may, I repeat may, not have as much capability as my $139 Fire TV Cube. Fast processors and massive storage isn’t going to mean a lot if you hook it up to your shiny new 75-inch 4K TV and have to watch content at a lousy 480p resolution! Think about that…

For anyone interested in the Buzz Box P6 here is a video from the recent Consumers Electronic Convention here in Vegas :


I can’t wait to see Troys review. I swear by the boxes I have now but this one looks very tempting

I am really curious about the “Green monster” . Haven’t seen a full spec sheet yet though.

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I only have two comments about the buzz boxes and any other new boxes that are coming out.

Are they controlled by Bluetooth?
If not, I don’t wanna have anything to do with them. I want to use my smart TV controller just like I do now with my Amazon boxes. I don’t want more TV controllers.

Are they faster than the Amazon cube?
From everything I’ve seen so far none of the new buzz boxes and others are faster than the Amazon cubes. Not just the new cubes even the old ones. I don’t wanna waste my time going to a box that’s slower, which means to me more spooning and other issues.

I will move away from my cube when Amazon stops me from Streaming what I want. I will not move just because “this might happen”.

Good luck,

I also noticed on the buzz box that the connection to Wi-Fi is only 2.4. For a box of $200 I would think you would have 2.4 and 5.0 ghz. IMHO
Like the cube.
Good luck,

Thanks for the link! I will for sure watch for the release of these new boxes. I am looking to migrate off the Amazon Cubes I have, given the recent and continuing reduction in benefits of the Amazon Fire tool set, lost side loading(coming) and reduced display, and increased ads without an upcharge)

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it’s actually 2.4G 5G and wifi 6 if you actually read the specs


Thank you for correcting me. I only saw 2.4. I’m sorry I missed the other two.

I have gone ahead and “pre ordered” the Buzz 6 powerstation and I’m wondering if anyone else has gone ahead and taken the dive. Im hoping that the money spend will be worth it!

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There’s no way I’d pay that much for such a beautiful beast of a box unless I was nuts.:rofl: