Buzz TV after recent update

after the recent update my buzz tv remote wich i have paired as bluetooth to it,has also shut off my reciever when i turn the box off? prior to the update it didn’t do this,i tried factory reset of the remote,no help,i have other devices that i run thru my reciever so i dont like this,any idea’s guys?

also do you have to leave the buzz box on to record now that i have this problem

thx for any help,a lil technically challenged here…lol

did you check settings in the buzztv remote app as well in general settings?

yes i did
in the remote app you can set it to power down or restart when pressing the power button

using restart it doesn’t turn the reciever off but i think the boxes life would be cut short by leaving it on at all times?
in general settings all you can do is delete is as a bluetooth device?
i mean,i can work around it but really annoying when watching my tv or computer on my big screen?
sheese!!! other than this hiccup the box is fantastic
does it need to be on all the time to record?

You will have to just test that function. I know with tivimate it will still record as long as power isnt off completely but basically just asleep.

ok ,will do as when you hit the power button the home screen immediately pops up? seems that it’s in sleep mode as it doesn’t go to power on screen?
will test as i like the fun of it
thx for any suggestions guys…i found this site by accident as i was coming off of xperimenting with satellite stuff…lol
thx troy
love those news letters to my inbox

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Is there an option to put the box in sleep mode when you press the power button so that anything scheduled to record will do so?? Think of Windows where you can completely shutdown, sleep or hibernate - is that option available with the Buzz box??

The nVidia Shield just goes into sleep mode - you can tell that because when you press the power button, it opens to home screen - so Comtech, it would seem as if it is indeed like the Shield mode - in sleep mode.

Would you mind testing if it will record & report back so i know that the box is going into sleep mode & not into a shutdown state.

This is very important issue for me & a possible game changer.


when I push the power button the screen turns off but not the tv. So this tells me the box is in sleep mode but not turned off. I didnt pair the remote with my tv because I wanted this function.

Thanks Ron - it would seem to defeat the option to record IF the box shutdown completely rather than going into sleep mode.

Still, i’ll be interested to have Comtech try & record something in whatever state it goes into when you press power button after your session is finished.


After update last night nothing but headaches. Box has run perfect for 2 weeks, now same as somebody else mentioned every time I power on the box it starts in rebooting mode. Power key definition is set same as before. Also box keeps disconnecting from wifi for no apparent reason. My wifi is working properly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

hmmm, same update here, no issues :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… not really sure but im guessing initial setups are different and the update is affecting the setup and altering original setup. Dig through the inners and look for changes

Digging now. Thanks @TXRon

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nope,it seems the box shutdown completely,i set a proggy to record turned the box off and it did not record it
TXRon have you tried to record with the box off? didn’t work for me?

Nope, but im testing it right now. Recording an hour of Mash… will check it in about 30 mins and see if anything happened…tic tock

Well I can tell its not recording because my external ssd would be flashing a blue light if it was recording. Stange thing is I find no way to put to sleep mode in a normal way. But what I think (maybe) you can do is go into device prefs>>>screen saver>>>click on screen saver and set it to turn off screen or whatever you want and under when to start set the time after inactivity which ranges from 5 mins to 2 hours.

ok i left the box on,turned off the monitor[ 28 inch monitor next to the 70 inch tv] and it did record the program…im hoping this gets addressed in a future update,hey i’m no way mad as i’ll take the software updates that my other chinese boxes don’t get?
i have a x96max that troy raved about a couple of yrs ago in my bedroom w a small fan underneath it the fan only runs when i turn on the tv? a freakin beast w tivimate and a 128GB sd card
no way in hell to update it…lol but that baby does the job for sure.i like to keep my girlfriend in the bedroom watching stuff while im in the garage
Damn my rambling
you have to leave the box on to record

so it seems. No actual sleep function that I can find. I even tried button mapper and it accepted the settings but was a no go. Only thing I found was the screen saver :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

it’s really not a deal breaker,like i said it records great!!
i have a scandisk 256GB on order and i’ll let you guys know how that works? luving the box so far,lot’s of really cool features

UNpair the remote from bluetooth and just use the remote in IR mode to power the box on/off,if that doesn’t work try a hard reset (pin in) of your box. and yes…you CAN record with the box off…i have done this many times. I have the XRS4500 and i updated to Buzz5 beta and have no issues so far…you can look up specific issues related to your problem(s) here

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so you don’t have a buzz box that has taken the recent update? ? it worked fine before the update not sure you can help me,seems others are having issues after the recent update also