Buzz 5 TV app update


The update has created nothing but problems for me. I do not want to even use the box anymore. The tv app buffers all the time, and TS is absolutely useless. Have reached out to the company explaining my situation but are not taking any responsibility for it as they say their firmware update is not the problem. I now use tivimate with the buzz box, but that is not what i bought it for. I am very unhappy since i bought this box March 23, its only 6 months old. I now have an over paid firestick, basically. I have the buzz special edition X5 128.

Yes I bought mine in March 23 X5 128AX special edition. I have micro freezing and buffering as well since last update. Also my remote will no longer power on/off both tv and box, just one or the other. Support told me issue was remote so I purchased additional remote, same problem. They won’t refund remote. My Mecool km2 cheaper and better product and support. Not happy with Buzztv, stay away from Buzztv products!

Sorry to hear that.I haven’t had any issues like that luckily. After reading @jmlp4 post above, maybe I haven’t experienced any issues is I can’t stand the built in app and never use it, have it disabled and only ever use Tivimate. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the reply.
I also use Tivimate as my primary player. Do you use BT-400 to power both tv and box on/off?

That’s the one. The powerkey definition setting is on suspend.

Yes so is mine. Used to power off/on both tv and box. After last update it will work for one or the other but not both. Very frustrating, I have resigned myself to using two remotes. Lol

@Reelfun can you send me a private message with the ticket # of your correspondence with our support team?

Thank you

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@jmlp4 do you still have buffer issues? if so please private message me with the serial number on this device

Thank you


Just tried the Buzz 5 app and not getting any freezing or buffering here. The reason I never use it is I have 4 or 5 playlists and don’t like the changing of servers to access different channels from different playlists.

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using multiple servers and playlists simultaneously is on our roadmap.

Thanks for your feedback


That’s what I love about Buzz is they are one of the few that are more in tune with what people want. :+1:


I think that would be a huge plus for a lot of people. Thanks :blush:

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I second that. @buzztvglobal has been more than great with me. :slightly_smiling_face:


my X5 128 works great,i even use their app to record and it works wonderfully,i use tivimate on my other boxes and have no problems with either

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its taking me 5 to 10 minutes to get my classic to connect to surfshark. Before the.3.3 update i had no problems.
So no more Buzz for me either.

I unhooked it and put it in the box with all the firesticks i have but don’t use.
I’ll stick with my apple 4k and 1 older onn box that works extremely well and loads surfshark like it should. When my subs run out with these vps i won’t renew them either either.

I’ll just pay for what I watch and move on. It was fun while it lasted.
Too many problems popping up every day it seems.

I won’t miss the new releases because 99% of them are not worth watching.

If you don’t mind commercials you really don’t have to pay much of anything to watch tv.

Lots of free apps out there.

Yes i still have micro stutter and deduced it to a problem with audio surround sound in buzz not working with youtube or kodi. I have also had issues with buzz tv app as well channels missing and or errors but have it available with tivimate. Can i give serial number to you here? Not sure if i am pm you.

Thanks for looking into this

How does one get this new update ?

Yes i still have the micro stutter in kodi, youtube and buzztv app. Not as bad since pushthrough update, but still get errors, timeshift, encoding, missing channels etc.

if you getting micro-freezing on YouTube, that’s a whole different type of problem not related to the buzztv app. I would do a speed test to make sure you’re getting enough download speed to the box or I would factory reset