Builds: Likes & Dislikes

Since everyone who uses a build has different preferences, I’m wondering what they are. What are the things you like or dislike about particular builds? Please be specific. This post IS NOT about whether to use a build or not. Save that for another post.

I’ve been using Builds from the Grindhouse Group for over 4 years now. As you know in the streaming world stuff works one day and then maybe not the next. The Dev Team is solid with several Builds to choose from and keeps everything maintained and there are usually 3-5 working Addons in each Build. If an Addon goes to shi$ it is quickly replaced with another. Their is also a Facebook Group that is fairly active with lots of communication,. Can’t say enough about these guys and their Builds. They may not be the first with the greatest and latest - i.e., No Builds on KODI 20 yet so if you are the kind that waits in line overnight for the new phone might not be for you!


For someone who doesn’t like Groundhog Day type repetitiveness, you sure do like to repeat the Grindhouse message over and over again.

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Yeah because everything always works all the time and I see so many posts with people who have trouble with different Builds. If it aint F’ing Broke, then no need to Fix it!. EDIT: and other than trying to give me crap for mentioning Grindhouse your post has Zero Value! Are we going to go through this pissing match again? I told you to stay away from me


Okay, but other than the need to frequently update and keep it working, what about the builds themselves do you like? Just the fact that they work? I’m looking for more specific info than that.

What are you specifically looking for? I see people with Firesticks that have issues running Builds (Well most except for Mickie! He’s the Firestick guru!) because of Space. I have a Box and have no issues. I have a Good Dev Team that keeps the Addons in the Builds updated. in a Build I always have 3-5 working Addons in case one goes south at any time. For me it’s a lot easier to load/update a Build from a stable dev group than each Addon. If I want any Addon outside of the Build I can then easily add it. Broken addons are jettisoned (If you have a good Dev Team with your Build). The Artwork is cool to some but I don’t really care about that.

The only reason I would NOT use Builds is if storage was an issue for me which having a Box it never has been. If there is some other info you are looking for by all means spell it out!

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I’m thinking that Jayhawk is asking mainly about the UI’s.

Depends on the Dev on what the UI looks like. But after using Builds for years and after loading the 20 Fork and just adding an addon I find the Build I use to have a more pleasing and clean UI then stock KODI. But that’s a personal preference

Maybe you don’t remember the rude Groundhog Day comment you made to me for no reason on a topic I posted. Basically told me to shut up. Maybe you should be reminded to practice what you preach. And you know what? Just like you said in your even ruder private message, I will comment on whatever I want. :grinning:

OK, but more specifically, what do you like about the UI?
Include a screen shot or two if possible.

I’m just used to it I guess. Every build Dev is going to have different UI, Artwork, skins etc….some of the good ones will offer their Build in Various skins. Most Build have the different sections (TV/Movies) with sub menus below allowing you to easily choose whatever addon you want from the same sub menu. It’s a preference thing

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The question is specificially what about your favorite build makes it so good, beyond the included addons & how well it’s maintained. What operating your favorite build would make it more attractive for thers to choose over the others that are available?

What could Jayhawk learn from why you like Grindhouse?

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He might learn if he likes it or not if he tries it out. It’s like telling somebody Red is a really cool color and they keep asking you why. Sometimes it’s best to take a look at something and decide for yourself if you like it or not. How about that for a start? :rofl:I’ve given my opinions here yet you keep demanding more. I’m not sure what else you want to be quite honest. Anyway watching the Football game so tuning out.

There are a hundred different builds I could try out. That’s too time consuming and it’s all subjective. If I try my hand at making another build I want to know what people are expecting to get out of it. The UI is part of that. Another may be the subtitles correctly setup without having to go into settings. If you’re looking for addons that show you streams with TrueHD audio or Dolby Vision files. What do the on screen player controls look like? Do you use favorites or do you use Trakt or something else to mark stuff for later. Dude there’s tons of different things you can compare from one build to another other than just “HoW mAny AdDonS DoZe iT HavE?”

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I used Skeleton Crew for a couple of weeks on both a Fire 4k stick & an ONN device both with expanded memory.

I went back to just plain old Kodi with a couple of addons.
Part of my issues were because of the nature of the devices. Part were trying to find exactly what I wanted quickly. I’m getting a higher end device so I might try the build-route then.

Here’s what I’d like in a build:
-No garish ‘art work’ from jump
-VOD only addons. Loading simple client takes for-ev-er and the live sports addons are too unreliable for my needs anyway.
-A limited number of working addons
-One maintenance addon, not several.
-Trakt-based preferances & tracking what’s been watched & what to watch.
-An ‘off’ switch that works.
-A ‘clear cache’ button on the opning skin.
-Signing on the build so that trakt& RD are signing on for all the included addons.
-a4k subtitles installed.


I use Homeflix from funstersplace because it is easy to navigate, has tiles showing in favourites which I prefer to just titles. It is not full of Addons being a light build and I have added the Addons I like as opposed to some larger builds being packed with Addons I’ll never use. I have NVidia Shield and find this build to be really quick.

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I don’t like builds, all builds can do what a single addon can do. But i think its the skins and themes. The only appeal i found with builds personally is the skins. Some used pretty neat skins and icon changers.

So if you build one, something with a cool skin and theme? Maybe changeable?

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That feedback is helpful. I created the Skeleton Crew build. It should clear cache on startup. Trakt and RD login should authorize in all apps. I took Seren out because it didn’t work with the authorization for some reason. I did add a force close command on the exit menu, but I don’t recall if I updated it in the repository or not. If I didn’t, it will be included in the next version. I’ve never done anything with a4k subtitles. As long as I have set the primary language and the option for forced subtitles only in the main Kodi settings I’ve never had an issue. What does a4k do differently? And as for simple client, I hate using IPTV in Kodi. I added it due to popular demand. But I want to find a way to prevent it from updating or loading anything unless you click on the IPTV section to open it. Don’t know if that’s possible.


If I was presently using a build, it would be Skeleton.

If you do find a way to toggle the pvr simple client on and off without having to disable and re-enable that would be brilliant. The auto loading has always been one of the main drawbacks.