Builds: Likes & Dislikes

Sorry Jay, I didn’t address the subtitle question…
We always use subtitles. Forced embedded subtitles don’t always play subtitles, often only playing when a foreign language is being spoken or not available for some content.
A4ksubtitles scrapes several sources to download subs for those.

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Hmm, I’ll have to play around with that sometime. I thought you could set the spoken language and the subtitle language separately within the main Kodi settings. And once you set that the addons should use those settings when scraping for sources. I’ll test it out.

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It’s been awhile since I tried your build so I don’t recall wit Skeleton, but finding & choosing a working subtitle is usually very easy to do when using a stand alone addon is very easy. Adjusting sound levels to is too…which can be very nice because there’s a a lot of variation in the sound levels of streams.

I tend to agree with you. I only use a few applications and could just load them separately on Kodi. It is the appeal of the skins that i like on the Builds. But, we all have our reasons to use or not to use a build.


Correct. Well i find kodi builds easy to use as there is more to choose from. Seems to me its easy to just install a build than just an adddon. More of a variaty sorry spellings are a bit iffy lol

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Yes there is more to choose from from a single ‘skin’.

But nearly every working addon shares the same sources anyway, and for the lower powered device, all the graphical fluff & extra addons add to storage issues.

Like I said, when I get my new Mecool toy after the Chinese recover from their hangovers, I will test out Jayhawk’s build.

I wouldn’t know about the sound levels. I pass everything through to my AVR :slightly_smiling_face: I never noticed volume differences between streams.

The AVR might clean that up for you.

I use the Skeleton build and the Homelander build. Very simple, movies and TV shows only. I like basic. I have used a lot of different builds over the years and end up deleting them. They have a lot of junk that just slows down everything. I have a max 25mbps and it’s just fine. I have gone through some builds and deleted many features but still runs slow. I even built my own and that was OK. I stick to bare bones builds because it gives me what I need


Until Kodi 20, I didn’t use any build. That said, this week I installed Planet Diggz build on my Android Box as a last resort (since I no longer can revert to Kodi 19.5 thanks to PlayStore restriction). It far exceeded my expectation. I must say it works much better than I anticipated.

I don’t use builds as they use up memory storage, just keep basic kodi and put my own add-ons on,…

Thanks for reading the instructions in the initial post. Greatly appreciate the input.

The ability to customize and then keep changes when there’s an update.

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