Buffering with TiviMate and Surfshark

I just purchased Surfshark & Tivimate. I am really getting some buffering issues with the two. Have done the usual maintenance, shut down my modem, the firestick, clear cache, force close apps and change cities on the VPN. Still get the buffering. I cannot ethernet connect to my living room TV because my modem is too far away in my den.

Any suggestions to help fix.

Different servers & protocols. No issues here. Occasional buffering name of the game.

I would first connect your vpn, note what vpn protocol that it’s currently using. Also note which location server that you’re connected to. Then do a speed test and see what your downstream speeds are. If you’re clocking 35-50, you’ll get buffering. If you’re over 100mbps, then it shouldn’t be a speed issue.

I have the most success with wireguard protocol with SS.


Thanks for responding.

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What speed are you getting on your device? Assuming you are on WIFI connection.
If this has poor connection, you will get buffering.
Suggest powerline adaptors - you plug one in near your router - connect with ethernet cable. Plug the other near your streaming device and connect with ethernet cable, this will give you a wired connection to your streaming device.

Also available are adaptors with a WIFI extender - as you may not be able to connect your firestick with ethernet cable

Screenshot from 2023-11-21 18-02-08

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Thanks for your reply. Tried readjusting my modem, raising it from a stand near the floor to my computer desk and my speeds in the living room dramatically increased. Live in Florida so when the windows are open, I lose some speed there.

maybe you should try a fan to get a better connection. lol

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lol, we have ceiling fans, but it’s too nice out to keep the windows closed. Love that fresh air

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I am paying a little bit more than usual for an IPTV sub so I don’t tolerate occasional buffering. In the beginning I was getting some buffering and that’s because they’re short-changing me on my bandwidth and I complained about it and I believe that’s been corrected I don’t get anymore occasional buffering. Surf shark can be a pain in the ass at times. I’ve had to go through all protocols and turn off the kill switch shut down surfshark go to my channel get the channel connected then go back and turn the surfshark back on and the kill switch back on. On my 4K Maxx I couldn’t use wire guard I had to go through Los angeles, San Diego, and bend Oregon and I was switched between those three sometimes. I had to use the ikev2 protocol. I just started using my shield pro again and I have to use openvpn/tcp won’t play on nothing else very well. That’s with Los Angeles bend Oregon and San Diego I’ve been having pretty good luck with Los Angeles lately but then again I’m here in california.

Just curious, are you using surfshark to get these speeds?

I have 450mps download and whenever connected to surfshark on firestick I’m lucky to get 40mps on any protocol or server I have available on surfshark.

I use Surfshark and have 500 coming in. When using it on my TV my speeds are really reduced. I just ran a speed test and got 84 download, 30 upload with tv on. When the tv is off the numbers are 436 download and 248 upload. Quite a difference

I have not had any buffering in a while so perhaps repositioning my modem earlier today made a difference

Thanks for the quick response. I don’t feel so bad now lol

I have a 150Mbps down service and this is what I get with my ProtonVPN on.

Yes - using surfshark. Chicago server. Wireguard. Version 3.3.0

Testing tonight, Chicago had a heavier server load. Icon shows over 50% load (about 2/3).

Speed tests were a bit slower than earlier this morning. Getting about 60-65% speed rentention.

Up until testing today, I’ve been getting pretty consistent 35-40% speed retention. Usually around 140mbps even under low server loads.

Hope this is a good sign of improvement in their infrastructure.

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Show off. I’m still seriously considering signing up with their black Friday unlimited deal - though their two year normal discount trumps their black Friday 12 month promo rate.

Lol. I tried to get the 30 mth black friday deal but no way. I already have the VPN so it’s only for new users. The best I could get was their suite for $30 cdn a month. No thanks.

Using SS with a firestick 4k pro, I have an 80% drop in speed.

On my computer the difference is negligible.

I’m so jealous!

Wow. If that’s a 4k Max you’re referring to then it may have a poor WiFi antenna. It may be worth you getting a powered hub with a gig ethernet port. With the micro usb I think the max throughput is something like 438 but that’s way better than what you have now.

You could have used a different email and sign up for new service. I did that with IPV a few times years ago.

Or is that not as easy with Proton sign-ups?

I actually have a year left in my present sub, so I didn’t want to use one of the 10 emails I have and waste a year. I was hoping they’d just let me buy this 30 month deal and add it on to my present sub. Ummm that’s a hard NO. :confounded: