Buffering with spectrum internet

You never know, it may rise from the ashes!

Doubt it. That was a program used during the covid lockdowns. I, too, have written my reps and they said they would look into it but were doubtful it would be extended.

I have also received notification from Spectrum that my April billing will be the last bill to include the ACP reduction. After that my bill will go up $30 bucks a month. Then I most likely will drop my speed package a bit to compensate.

However, the Lifeline program is still going, and you can apply for phone and maybe internet financial relief. Here is the link, https://www.lifelinesupport.org/

Signing up for this program is simple and only took me a few minutes of time.

Btw, I did apply for this Lifeline program and was accepted. Unfortunately for me, here in NE Tennessee. Spectrum does not participate in this program, but some other phone companies in the area do. So, I may switch to a different phone company…? I believe if you use a phone company and it is also your internet provider. Then you can get a break on both. But not certain about that.

Is there a chance it could be renewed or extended,yes.But the chances are pretty dire.This is an election year and the Republican controlled house will do anything they can to prevent the dems from getting a perceived victory.Bottom line,I wouldn’t hold my breath.


As nice as that would be, I’d be very inclined to believe it was a one and done -…an effort to improve agenda ratings during the pandemic.

This is a big loss for recipients that really needed it as a method to afford otherwise unobtainable internet in the household. For some that abused it, they should just be grateful that they were able to reap the rewards when it was there.

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Actually got a card from them in the mail yesterday. Officially ending.

I guess after having a data breach they feel guilty.