Buffering Problem

Firestick 4K running with ethernet cable and RD account and still having
a buffering problem. I try and use cache tornnets when I can. I do check
speed of my VPN to insure enough speed but still having problem.
Have Kodi installed with crew, and also have Cinema installed.
any suggestions


When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.


And sometimes it can be as simple as rebooting your modem and router! I’m also using a KODI Build with the Crew and The Oathe with AT&T Fiber and been having zero buffering issues of late but if/when I do first thing I do is reboot the modem/router

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Download & completely run the app DefSquid. Use its Cleaner & Virus Scanner. Delete every App which is listed as Malicious & check as to why those which are Questionable.
I personally no longer use Cinema as every version I have found lately slows performance & is listed as Malicious in DefSquid or Questionable.
Buffering Problems using a Stick 4K, have you debloated the Firestick & stopped background running Amazon processes which greatly slows down the processor ?
How much “Free Cache” does the 4K Stick have ? You need a minimum of 1gig to efficiently operate.
My advice:
Buy a USB hub, make sure it is 10/100/1000 USB3.0, a Y adapter & a 32 GB USB 3.1 drive I prefer Samsung 3.1 because of the speed (250MB/s or higher work best 150MB/s is minimum necessary speed) then install every program you can on the USB drive. Mine have between 2.5 & 3GB available free cache. Debloat the 4K using the Debloat tool. Tech Doctor UK has excellent video’s on how to set up & use the DeBloat tool. Then check off on the 93 possible all Amazon Processes you want to stop & STOP Auto Firestick Updates.

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