Buffering on two channels only

When I was teaching many, many years ago, I told my students that there is no such thing as a dumb question, but here goes.

We are using Firesticks with mine being the Max.

I use Tivimate with an an unverified IPTV. I am using IPVanish out of Miami. We get buffering on ABC out of Orlando (news and my wife’s channel) and Bally Sports Detroit (BSP) all the time. I’ve seen times when there is voice on BSP, but no picture, and the vice versa. Some of the time it is jumpy. We get around 150 Mbps with BlueStream Fibre with IPVanish on. I’ve rebooted and changed IPVanish servers to no avail.

We see next to no buffering on any other channels.

Any ideas?


It’d probably your provider, absolutely nothing we can do, id advise on speaking with your iptv provider and report it. Could also be high channel traffic causing buffering.

When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.

The clue here is that you stated you get no buffing on any other channels so it’s not your equipment it’s the IPTV service.

My thoughts exactly, I couldn’t think of anything except the IPTV service. I’ve read hundreds of posts and other articles on buffering!

if the vpn is on a router you could try changing dns servers for a better connection but as stated above if its just 2 channels it might be tough to overcome.

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