Buffering issues

I am pretty new to IPTV, I have tried several premium IPTV networks and the buffering problem plagues me on all of the services. I am using a Firestick 4K Max. I have an ethernet cable connected to the Firestick. I consistently have upper 90 download speeds. Is this just the nature of the beast, or can someone suggest something. Thank you



Buffering is a huge topic.

But with your down speed you shouldn’t. Use a vpn if that doesn’t solve it contact your service provider it’s could be congestion on their end or high server times.

If down speed on vpn is in that range and still buffering it’s them.


I find using a VPN slows my download speed. I sometimes get buffering with IPTV services but never with Syncler & Real- debrid with no VPN running. And that’s with an Ethernet connection. Although it’s wired to my Firestick 4K with the Amazon ethernet connector which is limited to 100 mbps download. I wonder if a faster ethernet adapter would solve my problems? Anyone have less buffering issues using this? https://www.cablematters.com/pc-1051-138-micro-usb-to-ethernet-adapter-for-tv-sticks.aspx

Hi @Grahamk
In this tutorial, @TROYPOINT recommends this Ethernet adapter.
Take a look and compare.



You will get a slight slow down with a vpn. Test your speeds while vpn is on.

If your speeds are above 30 with vpn on then your iptv shouldn’t buffer. As long as it’s consistent.

I think it’s your iptv service. Contact them. And anytime you are locked at 100 down it’s because the modem or router or connection you are using it’s ethernet port it’s locked at 10/100. If it supports more you need to unlock it.


Night time always seems to incur more problems, I have two services ,both very good, But a times does always going to be buffering no matter how good your Internet is, It’s just the nature of the beast as you said. for the price is still a great deal, And usually with two services you can wind up watching what you want without a problem. Sometimes just turning off the device and restarting works for me also, but I have tried many Services and none are even close to perfect, But they get the job done

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As a suggestion:
I once was guilty of pulling my hair out due to buffering especially streaming sports so I investigated the cause.
With your download speed, you should be able to stream without problems.
A habit to acquire with any Firestick is is close & clear cache any unused programs except Mouse. This helps reduce processor drain due to usage. I personally began DeBloating unused Amazon proprietary programs a year prior to the release of the Debloat Tools of which the 1st 3 I was heavily involved & for the 2nd gen tool was my imput completely & if doing so the 1st thing is to stop auto-updates.
Now the only buffering I experience using a Firestick is due to overloaded/slow servers.


I use ipvanish on all the time. Vpn will slow down speed nature of beast. Try changing to winegaurd in you vpn settings try all 3 protocals. Next i use a app killer to shut down any running apps except 1 im using. There has been a bunch of issues since Amazons big update alot of connection errors on apps bought independent of prime. Network loss troypoint has been telling everyone to shut off auto update on firesticks cause they are doing all the changes to stop sideload apps you wont be able to shut off auto updates unless you go back to reset mode.stop right away. Get ready to move to nvidia shield spend the intial output of cash better all around then cheaper firestick anyway.

VPN will solve your problems given that you don’t have a speed issue

when guys say that they are hesitant to use VPNs because it reduces speed, what kind of reduction are we talking about here? i use a VPN and my speed cuts from 100 megs to about 70-80 megs. this doesn’t affect my streaming at all. My Mom has only 50 megs and her speeds fall to about 35-38 megs. which is enough for streaming even 4k. are you guys seeing more drastic speed drops?

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If you’re using Tivimate go into the settings and change the buffer size to large or very large. When you change the channel it will take a second or two to start playing but it will cut down on the amount of buffing after that.


I have a 2017 NVidia Pro & added 128GB usb3.1 to it. You are correct as it is a far superior device. I also added bluetooth mouse & keyboard & it is my usually used device.
A Firestick works well as intended to stream Prime, Sling, HBO Max, Disney+, Netflix, Tubi without many if any buffering issues. The buffering problems are with streaming protected content thru sideloaded apps.
I have also experienced buffering & lock-ups using the Shield. This happens from overloaded or slow servers. I never stream above 720 & my download speed using IPVanish is always above 400MB/s so download speed or cache is not an issue.
The Shield currently available is the 2019 version, I’m waiting hoping for a 2022 before I upgrade.

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I was always having buffering issues with 2 different generation firesticks. After switching to the Chromecast with Google tv I don’t have that issue even with sideloaded apps while running ipvanish and you don’t have to constantly clear the cache. It just works.


I have noticed that if my Firestick gets hot, I will get a lot of buffering. So, if you stick is not getting good ventilation this could be the cause. I have an extra stick that I sometimes use when necessary.

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Here is the ultimate way to cool your stick.



Can you clarify? Where do you get the fan? Requires electricity, right?

You can buy the fan and the heat sink from a computer electronics supply store. You then get a usb plug from the same place. You pop the case off the stick and using 3m heat transfer tape stick the sink onto the max’s existing thin heat shield, use a dremel to cut the case hole, pop it back on over the sink, zip tie the small fan onto it and plug the usb plug into a usb port on the tv so that way it starts up when your tv starts up.

sometimes its due to the number of peoeple watching the same thing for example i try to use a station not normalling used to watch football if you go to the nfl section you get buffering but go to a local station in the area just outside where the game is played i get zero buffering i also use the sd or ld verisons if i have to use a major like espn

Another part of the equation with buffering is your upload speeds. When I run a check on Analiti, no matter how good my download speed is, if my upload speeds are less than 12 mbs I will get a bit of buffering. The sweet spot is anything between 16 - 20 mbs. Any good vpn should be able to meet that threshold.

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