Beware Cheap Alibaba IPTV

Have subscribed to three different alibaba providers. After a month they stop working, even if you subscribe for three months or more. Beware that might happen. It seems to be the typical risk that all take.


your expericance doest reflect mine at all

Nor mine.

I’ve had it up and running since March 9th.

It’s definitely not main services quality, but for less than $20 bucks for a year. It’s worthy of spot as a backup.


Haven’t had it that long, but once I improved the EPG it’s ok. Good selection and very little buffering. For a 1 connection service you can’t beat the price.



So is the NOT ME response from the alibaba source mentioned here? Because I would try it again for that $18 per year.

Well I’ve only had it for about a week so can’t speak on the longevity issue, but it certainly has a large library of content and channels and once I’ve improved the EPG and added the channels to my personal groups I’ve found the streams reliable with minimal buffering, and thus dependable. Personally I’d go with @Davduck and his experience as he’s done more testing and experimenting with these sources than anyone I’ve ever known and he is straight up honest and truthfull.

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gee thanks miki i have both micheal wu and amberbabys they work as well as any i have has ambers since march micheals only a month i have a couole others i have has a years or so one really sucks the other is similar to mikes and amber and very good

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I started the Amber one in March too. Haven’t tried any of the others so can’t say anything about them but this one works great for me.


Just got a free trial 24H with NUMBER 6 most popular service on alibaba. Not sure how to tell who is the seller as others have mentioned. They are an $18 per year service. How do you tell who is who on alibaba?

It should show who you’re dealing with on the message part of the Ali Baba app.

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i too have Amber Baby since march w no problems


Yeah, but does she message you hearts? :rofl:

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its in the messages you get on ali

What do you mean by improving epg? I have another iptv that the epg rarely works. Wonder whatever you’re doing would help with that one also.


You can add as many EPGs as you like to a playlist and in TiViMate you have the ability to assign an EPG to a channel.


Is anyone getting TWO STREAMS so you can time shift record from them? Am not seeing that offered.

I have a supplier with Catchup.

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I have Caroline Song or Jack Bu — looks like there are dozens of suppliers on alibaba. — am still getting the scam vibe though. When I ask questions I get generic vague responses. Nothing that makes any sense from the seller chat, like they do not know what they are selling at all.

Miki thanks for your EPG information. I tested 2 from alibaba this past weekend . One had buffering and the other work perfectly no buffering and all channels worked. Only drawback was only about 45- 50% of the EPG was populated.
Also in order to get the EPG into Tivimate are you just copying the link manually from provided web page into Tivimate? Or is there a better way to do this.?