Best way to watch U.S Live Sports

I am new to this so looking for the best way to watch live US sports, specifically the NFL games. Any help would be appreciated.

Most iptv services have most all. The quickest way is probally kodi/build and with that said there are many options. Also many apks avail

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Hi @creyes1014
This topic has been discussed at length.
Do a quick search using the search function above. You’ll get plenty of ideas.

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Kodi with The Crew addon.

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Hey welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy ur self, learn and pass on any help you may have insight on. My best advice is the search bar is your new best friend here. Most topics have been touched on at some point within the forum. Also please be carful when asking or answering any questions specially with regards to any copyrighted topics obtained thru illegal means. There’s a lot of gray areas so if not sure please read form rules and regulations or send a DM (direct message) to someone such as @TP-Dracoo @Jayhawks659 @Miki @Sbrowne126 @TROYPOINT @r_higginbotham @Powerfader myself @Bam or to many others I’ve not mentioned above We’re all here to help, hope you find what your looking for. Happy Holidays.

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