Best m3u/iptv players for Windows?

Besides Kodi and VLC, I’ve been using an app called PotPlayer which is pretty old but still works. VLC and PotPlayer are both very good, just lacking in a few features I’d like such as the ability to favorite a channel or 3 or 4. I was wondering if any of you have any other suggestions for a player that works well for Windows? There’s so many for Android, but it’s rather slim pickins for laptops and computers. Anybody tried any others they’d recommend?

I use hypnotix on linux which works great, not sure if its on windows but you might check.

Thanks! I will definitely give it a look and find out. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

18 Best IPTV Players for Windows PC in 2023 (Latest Updated)

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Yes, I do like to read all the lists but usually the ones recommended (besides the norms) are not anything anyone has used before. And I figured it be better to ask if anyone actually has used it and likes it. :grinning: Or there’s probably a great one out there that someone is using that gets zero publicity.

Its funny you mention this because ive been up since 3am looking to re-purpose a mini pc N-5095 with 8gb ram with a linux install and a player for the tv and see how it stacks up against the shield(should blow it out of the water :rofl:)… but the trick is that tivimate feel is gona be hard to find :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That’s the fly in the ointment… there is no player that will compete with TiviMate, in the Linux or Windows environment. At least not that I know of.

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eggggzactly…so now im trying to setup waydroid on linux to run tivimate…or a version od linneage…my eyes are shot, need a nap :joy:

Go rest your eyes, you only get one pair… gotta be good to them. Keep eyedrops handy too, lol, I find that helps.

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Hey Shayde. Good day. If it’s windows 11 why not install TiViMate? I get the not wanting an emulator like bluestacks for older Win doze.

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Hi Miki. It’s Windows 10, and definitely not wanting to use an emulator to run it. :roll_eyes: That’s sort of more trouble than it’s worth, in my experience. May be different nowadays, but no thank you. :grinning:

Ya that’s understandable. When you do get win 11 you can use apk’s. and install TiViMate. Have a good day.

Thanks Miki. Hope you have a super nice Monday! :sun_with_face:

Is your PC not eligible for the upgrade, or you just don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11?

Not eligible for upgrade, although I could do a forced manual install since I have an 11 .iso file. But yeah, just have 3 Windows 10 laptops that all need a better way of viewing iptv/m3u playlists.

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Believe it or not, that number 5 on the list that TXRon posted is not half bad. I had used it years ago and forgotten about it. It’s called Simple TV. It’s still kind of a “what’s behind door number 2” maze in regards to it’s GUI, but it does have the ability to add favorite channels and it shows channel groups. VLC will do neither of those things. Plus, it’s a portable app so you don’t really have to install. It’s an oldie, but still a goodie.

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I use Bluestacks with Win 10, once installed you don’t do anything. I watch Stremio on it just like the stick or box

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Well you prob done found what you wanted by now :joy:
But I rembered Iptvnator and forgot it was cross platform

GitHub - 4gray/iptvnator: :tv: Cross-platform IPTV player application with multiple features, such as support of m3u and m3u8 playlists, favorites, TV guide, TV archive/catchup and more.

downloads here

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I’m gonna give this one a try just because I’ve never tried it before. Expectations: none, just curious :grinning:


Well it works on Windows 10, has a few bugs, but overall a fairly straightforward approach to viewing. No bells and whistles, but you do have favorites channel options and the ability to add an epg (although I haven’t tested that part yet). A good start. Thanks TXRon, will play with it a little more later this afternoon.

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