Best Firestick Alternatives

Simple. You need a google/gmail account and if it’s on your phone or tablet, it will provide directions step by step. Just follow the bouncing ball. Simple as can be.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to place my Firesticks 4Ks in coffins. They absolutely became too much of a problem to maintain. I do blame my ISP for much of the issues encountered as well as the Amazon updates. Since purchasing Onn 4K streaming devices i am able to stream whatever I like when the internet is working properly. I truly believe the Walmart Onn 4K streaming device is a near perfect replacement for Amazon’s 4K Firesticks. Adding storage is just as easy, maintaining the Onn 4K device is less cumbersome. With the Projectivy app installed I really do prefer the Onn 4K. My Nvidia Shield Pro is still the best. At less than $20.00, you won’t be disappointed with the Walmart Onn Google 4K streaming device. Setup is just as easy, if not easier than the Firestick 4K.

I can’t sideload apps on my Onn box . I get a message SOMETHING WENT WRONG TRY AGAIN.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

There is a setting that you need to change like the the jailbreak button for a FS. It’s outlined perfectly in a Troy Video on the setup. Do a quick search or google and you will find it.

The Onn has been great for me since I got it. I want another one as a backup. I don’t use my Firesticks anymore. No need. I’ve said it before, Onn out performs them by a landslide. I mean seriously, if I click on Stremio on a FS, I wait, when I do the same on Onn, it’s instant.

You should watch the new TDUK vid on adding storage for both internal and external storage using an USB Drive. He does it on the ONN and wow that would certainly vastly improve using the ONN. It’s pretty easy.

I will do that. I actually don’t need the one on my FS anymore. I have a second OTC connector but it seems that it won’t fit. Weird, two came in a package. I have lots of 64 gb flash drives. I wonder if I can use my phone and send that ADM to it and see if that folder problem exists. Hell, maybe it can be downloaded direct. I honestly don’t think I have a use for it.

Looking for an alternative to the fire stick, it’s getting to be a big pain. Needs capable of Dolby vision and Atmos that is not very expensive. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I can vouch for the Tivo 4k. It’s much better than firestick.

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I can vouch for this device and its less than a Shield, but I don’t know what you consider expensive.

Maybe less than a Shield Pro where you live but not here in Canada. Shield Pro here is $260CDN.

Yikes! That’s crazy!

Our dollar sucks.

Wow 336 cdn is almost 250 bucks US$. The rocktek is good…but NOT WORTH THAT MUCH for sure!

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Never, I set up over 100 onn. Boxes with success . Might be your Internet connection, source or security settings