Best 2023 Samsung TV

OK need some help on Samsung recommendations.
Looking for the following
$1000 (black Friday price)
I not a gamer
Your suggestions are appreciated. So many different options, its confusing.
I have been researching on line and just want to get your input before I go to the store and get a salesman that just got hired yesterday. LOL
Thanks in advance.

The Crystal uhd does not compare to the QLED. I have both and QLED much nicer picture.


I have a QLED As well. QN65S95C But I suspect they’re still way over $1000. But maybe not as that’s about $3000 CDN. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Lol. I was just copying that exact deal. You must have already had your coffee @Powerfader


Do you get your surround sound from the back of the TV or your streaming device?
I have a Nvida Shield and take my sound from that.
Current TV is an old Samsung 60" UN60J620D.
Limited outputs on the back of it.
I would love to have Atmos but would settle for Suround Sound 5.1.

My System has the latest Soundbar Q990C which is where my shield is connected to and it as well as the TV uses the one connect box. I initially used the Samsung Q sound auto setup but did not like it and installed the Smart Thing app on my phone where I can control all the sound and TV settings and have switched to “surround” and then configured each speaker for myself. For example my rear speaker boxs have 3 speakers in the box up, side, front and I can manually alter the volumes from each one to give me the best surround sound for my room, same goes for the Soundbar itself. The sound supplied by my Shield Pro has been configured for Dolby Atmos and 7.1, but it all depends on what the source supplies, and which one I choose when picking a source. I try to get 4K HDR or HDR 10+ as samsung doesn’t do DV. Any source with Dolby atmos you can definately notice the superior surround sound from it.Oh and my rear speaker boxs and the sub, are bluetooth, no wires.

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There is a $200 difference between the Q60CD QLED and Q70CD QLED.
75" Black Friday price
Q60CD QLED $997
Q70CD QLED $1,197
Does anybody know if there a big difference in picture quality or other features?

Other than size as denoted by Q60 or Q70 they are the same.

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I’m not sure I am getting this right.
These are both 75".
One is a Q60 and the other is a Q70.
What does the extra $200 get you?
Thanks for your patience, you guys are great.

Sorry my bad. They’ve changed up their number designations again. Lol. That’s Samsung for ya. I’ll have a quick look on their spec page, but I suspect the Q70 is the better specs. BRB.
Here ya go.
The Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED is much better than the Samsung Q60/Q60R QLED. The Q70R supports local dimming and has a better black uniformity that allows it to deliver a better dark room performance. The Q70R can get brighter, which is great if you have a bright room. Finally, the Samsung Q70R has better reflection handling, and it’s more suitable if your room has many light sources.


I got the same from the Best Buy chat.
I think that’s the one I’ll be going with.

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Ya, I hate Best Buy here. Watch out for their price match. Be sure they’re honestly giving you the best deal. Any time I can help someone it’s a good day. Merry Christmas @MCat :christmas_tree: :gift:

I think I be getting it from BJ’s Wholesale Club.
You get a bunch of points on your card and 9% off.

B…Bu…But, they told me size does matter. lol

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Bit off topic but I am thinking of getting a newer tv. My old LG smart TV has DLNA and although I didn’t use it for a few years, did again last night as I can stream from a laptop running a media server (I like serviio.) as it has a totally free version and it’s all I need. Do all the new TV’s have this and I don’t mean casting from a phone to the TV. I have not researched it yet. I hope they do.

My new Samsung is DLNA certified. I imagine every smart TV will be these days.

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I have the same tv and all though Samsung makes a great tv, beware of calling and trying to get a hold of customer service for any warranty issues (I guaranty you will have 1), it took me 6 months to get a hold of them, and took another 3 months to receive a new part after I posted a terrible review on their main cooperate page. Hope this help a bit. Good luck

I have been super lucky and in 20 yrs of using Samsung I’ve never needed CS. With my latest purchase I went through Best Buy and paid for added Geek assistance and as they’re a huge Samsung supplier they have a direct line to Samsung tech service and can get immediate assistance. A tad more expensive, $20 cdn/mth for a geek membership but the added benefits are worth it IMHO. Free cables for me is huge. Upgraded all my HDMI and ethernet ones.

Swore off Samsung products about six years ago, they care nothing about customer service.