BeeTV and TeaTV websites down

Well, Troy has summarized the situation with these two websites on

It does, however point to a request I’ve made several times but have not received any responses.

The latest “How To” posts on have moved over to Downloader codes only (no website links any more to directly download the apk). So when a website goes down, the apk can no longer be accessed. There are many of us still sideloading APKs on to our streaming boxes using other means than Downloader (eg ADBlink) - we have the latest versions of the apk on our computers that can be installed (ok, not updated) once a site is down).

Troy, please include the website links as well as the downloader codes.


I closed your topic becuase of the solution one of our admins posted to the beetv issue.

You have to understand that our guides contain everything you need to get access to your apks. There is lots of other ways to get apks, the downloader is the most highly used and probably user friendly which is why guides are based around it. We keep our guides to be mostly user friendly as some of us are probably not as smart with this stuff as others. A well rounded guide for one way to get access is great as we try to streamline everything. Also alot of the requests you have mentioned can be searched here, on troys website or by using apkpure. Also keep in mind troy and the team have to be mindful and careful of what to use to sideload apks… alot of malware and crap out there.

I have also asked you repeatedly if you see a problem msg our staff, msg troy he is active.

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As above, I have messaged Troy several times - no replies.

Then this topic wont do anything, as there is plenty of sources of how to get apks and apps on your device, keep in mind you only need few to get what you need. This isn’t me being rude to you or shutting you down, but the bottom line is we cover how to get programs onto android boxes and firetvs with the process being pretty much the same. He is a busy man and im sure he will respond. You can probably understand he gets a lot of insider notifications a day including msgs, He also has the website and staff to run. So maybe check in with another msg? The link below is probably your best setup anyway. I have also included other links troy provides to other alternatives. Also give the team time to update there website.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

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Hey sktn77a,

Thanks for being a Patron! Downloader Codes link directly to the APK’s official site so they are interchangeable. If the Downloader Code doesn’t work, the link wouldn’t work either. Your best bet is to do a Google search to try and find a replacement APK option.

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there are so many apps that scrape the web and get great links to movies and tv shows
the modded ones that kill ads are pretty sweet…a couple that i’ve found on the net that actually work as good or better than tea or bee
nova tv
hdo tv
live net tv
media box
ocean streamz
Rapid Streamz
Redbull TV
RedBox TV
Solid Streamz
TV Tap
Thop TV
Viva TV
if you guys would like a link to check them out…pm me
as the mods won’t let me post a direct link
or? google is your friend
stream onn,i have one…lol


Thanks. Tried pretty much all of these. Cinema was the best until 2022. Flixoid has gone. TeaTV, BeeTV and FilmPlus - they’re going downhill fast. Viva and Nova have their quirks…

Just hope Stemio doesn’t get eaten by the Big Purple People Eating Monster (ACE)!!!

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