Bally Sports May Shutdown

I can see this as becoming a cluster

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They better hurry up, baseball is about to fire up again :grimacing:


Exactly. This could get interesting and I’m curious what MLB has in store and would be covering games in your area. Kind of worries me

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Word ive heard is mlb could take control in order to broadcast to local markets.

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As in local stations via Spectrum or something similar?

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up in the air but im sure something will happen, they dont want to lose viewers

Kind of puts MLB on the spot now with this possible shutdown of Bally’s. Those are lucrative deals and worth a lot of money

yea its confusing, I coulda swore I heard fubo bought the rights to bally?..dunno

Nah. This all started with Disney wanting 21st Century Fox and the bidding began. Once they were the highest bidder, the DOJ began the anti trust issue with them becoming a monopoly and had to unload the 19 Fox Sports regionals. Kind of like the VZW/Alltel deal where they would have to leave some Alltel remnants. Ballys wanted it to incorporate their gambling aspect of it. Sounds like they were way over their head and didn’t really know what they were getting themselves into


just looked on fubos website and bally is listed as channels


Bally replaced all the regional Fox Sports Channels formerly known as Sportstime which was carried by the likes of Spectrum, ATT Uverse etc. the Sportstime name was rebranded Bally’s Sports.

And now they want to charge 20.00 a month or a bit cheaper if you buy a year membership. Ridiculous if you ask me ! Directv carries it but it’s priced in their package. Most streaming companies don’t carry it, so I guess this is Bally working around that issue. MLB makes enough money to spread they’re revenue to carry the RSNs. This hurts the the poor the most with inflation the way it is right now. Remember when MLB was on a local UHF channel in your city?

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Yep, local channel all the time.

Like another poster said, Manfred has been talking about MLB taking over it’s own local coverage if necessary.
To baseball’s credit, they were the first to really get involved in streaming their games and other content.
The one big disadvantage that their service has is the blacking out of the local teams who are served by pay TV (Bally, Att, NBCx) because of the contracts.
He has indicated that MLB has to address that issue also, so that someone can legally stream their favorite team’s games.

I can see this as most likely becoming an add on service as MLB would be losing a bit over $1 Billion in revenue from this fallout

It does look like that is likely.

AT&T SportsNet RSNs Maybe Having Money Troubles & Could Be In Real Trouble | Cord Cutters News

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Wow. Looks like there are more problems then first reported

Any bets they blame streamers using free sites or services?

Ive tried for years to be able to purchase just my teams games at a reasonable price but now days they want to bundle with other junk services and jack up the price…what part of All I want to do is watch the games did they not hear.

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