Backing up Firesticks

Hi All,
I totally set up firesticks for my mother and sister who are tech-phobic. I was wondering if there was any way to back up an entire firestick (including all apps not installed from Amazon - totally configured, with all settings, passwords, etc). Kinda like a hard drive image backup. That way when I get the inevitable call that their firestick won’t work anymore, I can just restore it without spending an entire day setting it up again! An added benefit would be cloning a stick when you get another TV. Would sure save a lot of time.

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Hi @Amnesia
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Not sure about how to clone or do back up, however sometime back, @TROYPOINT did a tutorial which may be an option:

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Hey Amnesia…

I was going to suggest the Vysor app also…
Which is what SB is suggesting but I dont see the app on RIA or unlinkt…
but I do see it on google play

The only othr way is the flashdrive way or read this…

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Thanks for the quick response. This option seems interesting.

My question is, does this copy all the configurations you have made in the individual apps. Example, if you back up Syncler+, will the activation, and all the settings be copied? Will the real debrid info be copied? Or will the app just appear is if you just installed it. Also, will the actual fire stick settings such as “allow apps from other sources” be copied? I spend a lot of time setting up the sticks, and I really want to replicate all of these customizations.

Thanks, amnesia

BTW, what is “the flash drive method”?

The “cloud” method I’ve never tried… soundz complicated & IDK if its gonna keep your app settings…
The flashdrive is just using a fdrive & a file explorer to transfr your apps, this way may save your settngs but dont kno about RD… with the Vysor app you can work on other stiks from diffrnt location

Thanks. I’ll give it a try. It’s amazing nobody has written an easy to use clone app

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The two apps I use the most are Tivimate and Kodi. Both have a method of making a backup and restoring on another device. I use X-plore and Google Drive to move the backup files from the first device to the second. All the other apps I’ve had to install and configure one at a time on the second device.

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Also I use Stremio and all your configuration is kept on their servers. All your favorites addons what you’ve watched, everything. So on a new or “other” firestick all you do is load the basic program, log into your or any account and all your settings and configurations are loaded immediately.


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