How to Control Firestick/Fire TV With Remote Access

Originally published at: How to Control Firestick/Fire TV From Anywhere With Remote Access

The following guide shows How to remotely access and control a Firestick, Android TV Box, phone, or tablet from anywhere. Controlling your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV via remote access can be done using a tool called Vysor. Vysor is a desktop software available for download on any operating system including Windows, Mac, and Linux.…

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Great article. I had tried this before and forgot about it…then after scouring the web once again for a remote control app and trying numerous ones…I stumbled upon Troypoints guide again. I tested it out and To me this one works better and easier than the rest. I tried scrcpy and not bad for free but lacking and sluggish Warpinator…not bad and also free but just not quite there,anyways I believe I will settle with Vysor. Kudos Troypoint…If I would have just looked here 1st :eyes: :1st_place_medal:

In order to remote access via the shared link - does the device that is configured to connect to the firestick on the local network have to be turned on and running?

Or is it simply the case that once it is all configured, I can remote access the firestick via the shared link without the help or input from someone at the other end?

I ask because I have a use case where I need to remote access firesticks and firecubes in New Zealand from the UK and the time difference makes it difficult to pin down a time and co-ordinate things.