Automatic download of Kodi 20

Have a new android box and it keeps trying to download kodi 20.
Have tried denying access to various apps to prevent this happening overnight but not sure which one is allowing the update.


I believe its in your settings in kodi to turn off auto update. Cant remember where.


This only started with the new box but I’ll try to find where on Kodi that auto update is and give it a go

Tried turning off kodi updates. Didn’t work. It has to do with google and their update in February.
Thanks for the reply though!

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Turn off updates in google.

Instead of downloading from play store install kodi from the troypoint toolbox.


Tried that also and didn’t work. Every time I go into permissions in settings on each app it crashes.

I have Kodi 19 version on USB it’s the android box as my older box has no issues like this

This happened to me on the Windows version (auto-updated to 20). Can’t find anywhere in the windows version to turn off auto update(?)

I will have to test it on my windows pc. but i haven’t had this issue something could have changed.

I think it’s in Kodi addons/ my addons/all/ Version check , make sure this is disabled, then it won’t auto update.


I’ll give it a try.
I uninstalled all google updates on the android box settings as well.
I didn’t notice that function before.

If it’s Firestick then it’s Version check disable it, for Android phones and tablets, turn off Auto update in play store settings .

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Hey Kryten, ya confused me, although that’s not that difficult. You mention the Firestick and google playstore. Firesticks are Amazon and use the app store, no google playstore on a stick to shut off. Also version check? How do you shut that off on FireTV?

Version check is in the Kodi install, in addons/my addons/all/ disabled it this prevents Kodi from auto update to the next version on firesticks ,

for Android phones and tablets you need to turn off auto update in the settings in the play store , as version check doesn’t prevent this.

This is what I do, i don’t know about fire TV i presume that it would be the same.


Ahhh got ya. Tx for the clarification. Now I’m on track.

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Android tv box not phone or tablet but I have done the version check solution and haven’t had the chance to check if that was the issue


Interesting. I have Addon version check enabled on my firesticks and PC. Firesticks aren’t auto updating but PC is. Go figure

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This also did not work. I’m at the point where I’ll just unplug it before going to bed

I haven’t had any success as of yet with all the suggested solutions.
Have you figured yours out?