Auto update Epg on tivimate making IPTV buffer

I remember seeing someone post about having auto update turned on for epg on tivimate makes IPTV buffer. Can someone point me to the post? I’m just wondering if auto update should be off completely or set at just app start or once every 24?

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Now I’m waiting for an answer on this question :thinking: too, and I know exactly who to call on for this, @Miki please :pray: :rofl::joy:

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Well you do not want an epg or any list constantly in update. And many of these free and paid epg’s are large and full of errors which can run constantly and in turn slow you down almost like a self inflicted ddos attack :roll_eyes: :eyes:… In tivimate set it to update every 24 hours I also have mine to update on app start(many turn this off) and set update on playlist change to off.


That’s exactly how mine are set up. Update on app start


I have found that the best option is to update on app start. I also set it to update every 24 hrs, although I have no idea how that 24 hr timer is activated as I shut all power off to my Max every night. So update on app start has proven to give me the least amount of issues. Now this takes a little time and I have found that starting the app up and then leaving it to run for 5 minutes is sufficient for it to then update and run without issues. I personally hate any auto updates as I like to know what’s updating and why.
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Tivimate ddos attacks on EPG

This was a bug in version 4.5.1 which has been corrected. At the time, m3u4u suggested the following EPG settings requiring a manual update. The alternative was an auto ban on their servers.

I have mine set to only update every 24 hrs. so don’t know if helps with that or not. sems to do it in all different times.

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