ATV launcher Pro -vs- Wolf lancher

Need opinions on atv launcher. I currently use wolf but can only get a few widgets working. I get more on the shield but only gallery on mecool box and was wondering if more were availiable on ATV? is it worth it?

Try TV Launcher 3 off the Google Play Store. Very easy to use and customize, including categories with differing screens, icon sizes, live wallpapers, etc. I have been using this for over 6 years and can’t find anything I like better.


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This was 2021 !
I need an update for Shield.

What do you need updated on the Shield Pro?

I switched to Projectivy and actually like it a little better than Wolf.

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For my Shield Pro, I was trying to enlist an evaluation of F Launcher .vs. ATV Launcher Pro.
The last one listed was from 2021

Ahh got ya. Use the search and then read as much as you want. For example

I have a Shield Pro but have never bothered with a launcher as I have mine set to open TiVimate as soon as the Shield starts. So I’m rarely on the home screen and rarely see it. If I want to use any installed apps I long press on the Hamburger button on my remote and TiViMate closes and my apps open up and I choose what I want to use like X-plore. Hopefully the above link gets you started. Have a great weekend.