Apps on my NVIDIA Shield tv box

There is a app that I really enjoy using. I have no problem installing it. But every time I use it a couple of time, My Nvidia tv box automatically sends me a message saying that it has been disabled. Actually uninstalled would be a better way of putting it because I can no longer find it anywhere. Is there a way I can stop my shield from destroying my app. ?

I believe it’s the google play protect app that does that. Search for “turn off google play protect on nvidia”


Thanks for the help guys. In the notification button next to the settings button on the home page, is where it said app disabled for whatever reason. There was also a x in there. I clicked the x and it opened a box asking me to uninstall the app or keep it at my own risk. I re-installed it. Then I followed the instructions you sent me. Hopefully the issue is resolved.

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Please keep us updated. Things change quickly when Amazon is involved, and what worked today, may not work tomorrow. Enjoy Troypoint and

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