APK's not working, please help!

Hey everyone,
I’ve been using unlinked and filesynced to download APKs, but I am having a very hard time finding ones that work. I’ve used multiple codes including ones on the troypoint site, but a lot of the APKs seem to be older. I’ve downloaded beetv, filmplus, teaTV to name a few from various codes, but once I have them up, I can’t get any shows/movies to load or play even with my RD in place. Right now I have a version of TeaTV that hardly works giving only a few links (that won’t work), and no RD links ever populate. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here. Any advice?

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Apkpure, Aptoide and Aurora are a couple other stores that should have the latest versions.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.


Do you know where I could find the codes for these?

Thank you! I’ll check these pages out!

Good day velvet. Many of the APKs you refer to may be ones that the developers have abandoned. So you need to find “active” ones. In other words if you search the internet and find an article stating "CinemaHD shut down. Then chances are it is going to fail as the dev is not updating it and most streaming devices are progressing in versions and leaving those apps behind. There are many good libraries with up to date and active APKs.

Yep, I know Cinema HD has been going down for a while now despite having a new beta 2.5 that came out last month. Sad though, it was a great apk. Maybe I’m just using codes for old libraries? I’m trying to search and get current codes including from TP, but seems everything I try to download is a disappointment regardless from which library I find them in. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

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It isn’t you. In recent weeks there has been a flury of updates fir OS’s and Apps. So you may just be getting them while they have yet to be updated. Of course the first place to get stuff is from the Amazon App Store if a FireTV device or the playstore if GoogleTV.

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Follow this tutorial to get the full Play Store.


Btw, I’m not sure, but I believe the Unlinked store is kaput? IAlso, I looked at that FileSynced store and wasn’t all that impressed. Although, if Unlinked is down then FileSynced may get a lot more traffic. You can also check out the Aptoide app, but after doing the Aurora Store, I think that may become my go-to app for downloading.

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Try apktime app that has lots of streaming apps. Also try kpfire | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree has lots of really good stuff. You can get apktime from there.

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