Anyone with blocked Fire Stick updates able to pair the new Pro Remote?

I’m running a Fire Stick 4K Max that has had updates blocked before Amazon put an end to that. I have a slim setup with the Wolf Launcher showing the only 4 apps I use.

Recently, I tried to upgrade to the new Alexa Voice Remote Pro, but I could never get it to pair. I’m assuming there’s something in recent updates that tell the stick to pair to this new remote that older updates don’t have have, but has anyone gotten this remote to pair on a device with updates block that can still run a custom launcher?

I like my custom set up a lot, so between the remote and Wolf, I’d pick the latter and return the remote if need be.

Returning the remote because you want to keep updated blocked is silly. Id honestly just allow the uodates. If your paying for an amazon product expect the lack of customization. There is other options.

As for your question you should be able to pair a bt remote even if updates are blocked. Head over to your bluetooth settings. If its not picking up then remote im not sure why. Its possible blocking updates may have stopped it with the brand new remote not sure. Kinda why i just dont bother with amazon products. Not worth the hassle.


If you let the updates through like the rest of us, you will just have to use Launch on Boot instead of Launcher Manager to get the custom launcher to pop up with all of your customizations. I’m guessing that allowing these updates may take care of your remote issue as well. You can keep blocking updates, but I’m not sure what the end game really is. Amazon will get the updates in at some point, or probably not let some of your current set up work. If customizing a box or stick is the most important to you, I would steer away from Amazon stuff.


Contrary to the other two, I agree with you. I like the way mine is setup and value being able to use the home button on the remote without going back to the stock interface. But, I already have a Rii Bluetooth mini keyboard for mine. I don’t really care for the voice controlled remotes.


Well here goes option three… I agree with everyone here. You need the updates as some may be critical security updates and yes they tend to bundle those with stupid our way or the hiway updates but you/we can deal with that later. Updates can go bad but its needed for device security and other goodies not to mention lets get that shiney new remote up and running… in the end we can find a good working set up you can use. and push comes to shove I bet exactly the way you want… click update


Thanks for being the one person to agree. I’ve yet to see a convincing reason to allow updates and lose my customizations. The apps update fine and the system performs as I need it. My stick is perfect for my needs and changing it for this remote isn’t worth it, so why change.

Funny that everyone is trying to convince me otherwise when I made it clear that’s not the direction I want or the question I asked. Losing the custom launcher and before forced to go back to Amazon’s would make me quit on the device all together and there’s no sense doing that when it performs great in its current setup.


I’m not trying to convince you of anything. My point was if you want customization, amazon is not the way to go. That’s all.

You can do whatever you would like with your Amazon device. You clearly know the risk vs reward of holding steadfast against the updates. What we were trying to point out was that you may start to have issues down the road with possibly things like the remote.

Except I have customizations and they suit my needs.

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I’m aware. Enjoy your device. You may need to update to fix this issue, but im not sure. I hope it gets resolved for you.

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Sure, perhaps down the road there may be a critical issue, but right now the device performs great. I specifically mentioned I’m not looking to lose customizations, so why recommend it? I’m not looking to buy a new device or lose my changes over something so small. If a critical issue becomes critical, worry about it then, not sooner.

It’s wild that before Amazon blocked the use of custom launchers and overriding the home button with customs launchers, pretty much everyone here had this kind of setup. But now that people are forced out this setup, it seems unfathomable to want to keep it around here.

The remote is a very minor issue as I mentioned in my original post. I’m pretty sure, due to the programmable customized buttons, that Amazon forced an update to communicate with this new remote. You can call it silly, but the thing is, it’s not a big deal. The new remote doesn’t offer enough for me to keep it over losing customizations (also originally mentioned in my post). I’m a customizer by nature and I was simply wondering if someone in my position has replicated the same problem and found a workaround.

Shame this place is losing is flair for customizing and workarounds even if just for the sake of. Where my hackers and tweakers at these days?

Because you asked a question and i was giving you a possible solution, thats why.

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How are we losing flair? We don’t tweak or hack boxes… We do our best to guide you on how you can but if someone like amazon decides nobdy is allowed to do it anymore we are at their mercy… Most people who know how to bypass this frimlocks are not posting this publicly. Certified boxes from amazon or google are becoming a locked down nightmare thats the truth, its why i said maybe avoid them if thats your intention.

Im not trying to be rude, i honestly wish you could do more with these units. But its not as simple as loading up a program anymore.

I think you hit the nail on the head: It’s not as simple… anymore. But it was. Troypoint wrote plenty of articles about custom launchers and blocking updates. Plenty of threads here taught you how to do it and encouraged it. Now the advice is be at the mercy of Amazon? I mean, sure, if there’s no other way, I get it. But this locked down nightmare is not a reality for me and I’m not about to give that up in exchange for something trivial.

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The answer to the thread is to update the device. After that we have someone mad that that is the answer lol. If the remote isnt important, leave it go. If it is, update the device and use Launch on Boot to access Wolf Launcher or whatever you use to keep your customizations. I dont like being attacked when all I am trying to do is help.

Huh? I’m not getting mad, but I am frustrated when I said in my original post that the remote isn’t priority so losing customizations and enabling updates isn’t the direction I want to go, then y’all come in here and only recommend updating. Y’all have heard of workarounds before, right? Sometimes there’s more than one solution to a problem and I came here to crowdsource potential solutions.

Launch on Boot, as you know, doesn’t override the home button and still defaults to Amazon launcher. Not the direction I’m looking for.

Who’s attacking you? Jeez, the sensitivity. I haven’t even responded directly to you in this thread up until now :sweat_smile:

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So you posted a thread that doesnt need an answer because it isnt critical to fix, but you knew the answer all along. Then when multiple people give you the right answer you get upset and call out Troypoint for not having “hacks”. This thread has derailed.

Ok, you’re just being comical at this point. Like I mentioned, sometimes there is more than one solution. I knew before I posting this that updating would likely be the solution. It’s what I mentioned in my original post. I came to here see if others knew if there were other solutions. That’s it.

I see both points. But this is a message board. It’s a frequent occurrence when someone doesn’t answer the original question or ignores certain aspects of it and gives their opinion anyway to try to convince you.

And I laugh about “security updates” on a streaming device. Let’s read the change logs and see how much these security updates actually do and calculate the probability that they would be impactful.

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