Anyone with blocked Fire Stick updates able to pair the new Pro Remote?

Laugh after the hack. It does happen and never say never, been there done that.

Actually you would be surprised at the amount of users that put “very” personal info on the device. Ive seen people with credit card info easily accessible. Not to mention with the amount of modded apps out there that are virus ridden.

To each his own opinion. Good day

Very true. That’s why I really don’t like the APKs. I use Kodi downloaded from the official website, with my own skin, and Real Debrid which I trust. I made a one time payment to Tivimate with my real card. And my payment to IPTV is masked. Outside of that, I don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Exactly. It is possible to practice safe security measures without being victim to crushing manufacturer updates.

“I agree with everyone here. You need the updates as some may be critical security updates and yes they tend to bundle those…”

Kinda of the way DC passes through a bill! lol You may need one thing, but you’re going to get a whole bunch of stuff you don’t need or want.


I agree with you. Some people just cant take advise . So why ask the question in the first place ???

Ok, ive decided to not agree with everyone here so Troy can meet the federal diversity quota :grimacing: :skull: :joy:… jus’ kiddin’

If you’re going to give advice, at least spell it correctly. :expressionless:

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I dont know why we are arguing… i understand not wanting to update and loose how you want it but unfortunately amazon decided to screw with that.

You shouldn’t need an update to pair a new remote but because its new it may need an software update.

I’ll be happy to share, from my point of view, why we’re arguing. The way I see it, I made a post geared towards a specific set of users who 1) still had blocked updates on the Fire Sticks and 2) had experiences with the new remote and getting it to pair. I mentioned in my original post that I’m aware that updating would likely be the most straightforward solution, but wanted to crowd source ideas to see if others knew of a workaround.

Despite giving no sign that that you own a Fire Stick with blocked updates and the new remote, you (and others) decided to jump in and give your opinions regardless. And that’s fine, I suppose, just not relevant. You then called my desires to keep the blocked updates silly.

So, off the bat, you added nothing and proceed to throw an insult. So yeah, that’s where a user would get frustrated. Even your last comment is just repeating information I pondered and included in my original post.

I appreciate those here who were able to understand that not everyone has the same needs and wants different things out of their devices. I have two of these devices with blocked updates. One of them is for my dad who is nearing 80 and really doesn’t do tech. The default Amazon launcher gives him a lot of grief and a locked down Wolf Launcher with only the 4 apps he ever uses is a perfect solution for him and the device he already owned (as in why buy a new one if the old ain’t broke).

All this said, I’ve returned the remote. I may check in in another 6 months or so and see if various communities have tapped into a workaround, but even if not, no huge loss compared to the advantages I’m about to get out of having the updates blocked.

Considering where this all is now, I’ll leave this thread alone now.

Firstly i have amazon products… Secondly i did have updates blocked, thirdly i never insulted you, fourth when amazon decided to block people from customization i deemed it unnecessary, that is probably personal opinion so thats fine.

What i thought was silly was returning a remote over blocked updates, it wasnt an insult. If you want to drag this out because you didnt get the answer you liked then so be it but i wont tolerate you coming at me as if i did anything. I see the the above comments and i sorry if you felt attacked wasn’t my intention… But dont sit there and accuse me of things i didn’t do.

Reading through this thread and all your responses I’m wondering what toolbox did you use to block updates? Is there a possibility you may have blocked a specific function that say blocks or stops Alexa? It’s an Alexa remote and that’s my only thought as I know there isn’t a problem with stock remotes. So I suspect if you disable any Alexa feature it may also disable any Alexa device from pairing with the Max. Now I don’t have one of those remotes and it’s possible it may twin with a Max that hasn’t got the updates blocked but that’s purely conjecture, and I was going to suggest, if you had a friend, that has a max to try it on their setup.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply, @Miki. I’m pretty certain I don’t have anything else blocked outside of the very specific things that allow updates through. The original toolbox was one of TechDoctor’s with just the “breaks updates” options toggled. I still use the remote that came with the 4K Max and I’ve been able to pair other remotes to it and the Fire Stick app. I use voice to text and Alexa regularly.

Before I returned it, I was able to pair it to my mom’s regular 4K stick with updates unblocked, ruling out it’s not a dud device. At this point of testing, I’m fairly certain that this new remote – largely in part that it has programmable buttons and needs some sort of software interface to communicate with those programmable buttons – needs a specific update that Amazon at one time pushed out. On top of all, this remote is barely a week old. Whatever tweaking community there is left for the Sticks, I doubt anyone has attempted to find a non-official workaround for this remote in this short time.

I may try again or hunt around in another 6 months when I come back to the states, but at the least this should serve as an interesting datapoint in the forever cat and mouse game that is users and their devices vs manufactures and their imposed limitations.

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