Anyone having problems with iptv services

Does anyone know if any iptv services are down

Lol…that is a pretty general question. You mean like, all IPTV services in the world? Mine is working fine.

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Contract your provider. All the reputable ones have some sort of contact information. Usually a telegram chat.

Its states not to mention IPTV providers I was sticking to the rules

I did stations are working when I remove vpn using surfshark

You are right about not mentioning the service, but I just dont know how we can help. Always start by contacting your IPTV provider.

it is the vpn surfshark or nord cannot get channels but when turn off work fine.

What are your speeds through your VPN? Have you tried different locations and different protocols?

Try changing locations on your VPN or just leave it off if it works while off

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You need to check with your service providers…they have the access to their servers and can get back to you with support regarding the issue.
If so, by sending an email or post a note on the group chat will keep things smother.

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Even very good quality IPTV services sometimes go down for server maintenance for short periods. Usually they will indicate this on their websites. If you have a chronic problem with a service outage, contact your provider. If they are up and running, the problem could be on your end with either your device, internet, or vpn service. Always check your internet speed using Analiti. If that’s ok, try powering off your device and do a reboot as that sometimes clears things up. Also clear your cache on your iptv app. I have a provider that has advised me to do a download update for all tv/VOD categories and cache clearing at least once per week to stay current.

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Some servers on Surfshark and Nord will not work with IPTV. I don’t know why or how they know . Atlanta is one of them that will not work. Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Charlette are all good.

Some service providers have deep packet scanners. Be sure to test your VPN for IP leaks. Use the search :mag: at the top of any page.

I just finished a conversation with Surfshark and they told me that Surfshark will not work with IPTV.
I wish Troy would have mentioned that when he pushes Surfshark on his site.
Since I have had the vpn more than 30 days there’s no refund and I paid for a 2 year plan. I had the service for 2 months.


it does work, i use SS on 2 diff devices with no problems…


Works fine with my services.

SS works fine on my firetvsticks. You just have to get the settings right.

Surfshark works for me where Nord & Express would not.

This wasn’t always the case with shark and iptv services. For some, it wasn’t until recently that certain VPN server locations were not playing well with iptv function.

Depending on the iptv that you use, trial and error for which VPN server locations work and don’t are your best recourse. For shark, it’s not as you perceive. Test each domestic location and you’ll see that some will work great and others will prevent the app from even reaching the dashboard. Will it get better or worse in the future? Who knows? It WAS certainly better 6 months ago.

Then again, so was the Netflix geoblocking…but even with that, it got worse, but now somewhat better. The improvements, however, may be reflected by the fact that it’s an advertised sell point feature of the vpn itself. IPTVs don’t have that same luxury.

No VPN will freely state that they’re compatible with iptv services. It’s a liability statement they best avoid.

I have been using SurfShark for 2 years with my 3 IPTV services, as stated some locations don’t work. Some work great, Crazy as it sounds some overseas locations work better than some domestic. Once you find the ones that work put them in your favorites as sometimes when one is not working well its easy to switch.

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