Amazon update stops app blocker

Firestick 4K ver update stops app blocker
Is there a remote ADB command work around?


just like google. Its all about the ads.



Was a matter of time. Without root access there isn’t much we can do. And anyone with a rooted stick isn’t sharing.


Can we install a previous version update?
Can we use remote adb and add -d to the two protected packages?


You can try but I don’t think you can do a rollback.


This, I’m afraid may signal the death of the Firestick. Personally I think we all need to move towards box’s that give us easy root access via a switch. Another thing to learn.



Or boxes that have no closed or semi closed options. You can add a root switch when gaining root access, the ugoos just has that option built in which is nice.

But yea, the updates for these firesticks and Amazon products are killing it. It’s merely to stop these apks and such but won’t stop.

I can technically build my own box, mini motherboard with android os and put it in a pre made case.

(Troy should do this :p)


I think Troy’s Ugoos review is going to be eye opening to what is possible with a truely open system…at least I dam sure hope so.



I agree, all in all you can use a laptop just as easily and hook it to your TV.

There is options. Amazon is just so popular everyone wants to do it on their products, and for now you technically can.

Until we can no longer access these apps with a firestick that’s probably when we should change


I agree with all of you. My first thought was this is the first step to Amazon Firestick’s demise. This is a slippery slope my friends. No Bueno

No, not necessarily. What if Google Play, App Store, and whatever the Apple store is called ALL go into collusion together and not allow any non-approved apps on their respective stores?

Think about it. How many streamers only have the ability to do the most basic functions? There are a lot of people thinking getting an app from RAI, Unlinked, and Downloader makes them a tech guru! Then there is the next set of streamers who can actually go to a website and download the app from there. lol

Now all you have to do is eliminate the non-governmental approved apps from the stores along with the devices limiting what you are allowed to download, and you will basically cripple 2/3rds of the streaming community!

Face it. If we as a nation, and even world continue on this idiotic rush towards a …? Then we are all screwed, glued, and tattooed by the controlling elites!



That’s a interesting topic but it goes down a long rabit hole of big tech overreach and paid for elites and political nonsense.

These developers understand what’s going on with these app stores and I bet if they want to stay around they will just have there stuff setup on private networks. Or some something like that. This fight will never end especially if we get into encrypted web use and dark web elements. But for now things are fine. I wouldn’t start going down that road yet until google or Amazon start actually blocking side load attempts. Overall just switch to a no name brand with android os.


^^^ agree with all said. As Dracoo eluded there will always be ways. And trust me all these tech giants want one thing is control of content of their approval. I’m sure amazon cant stand peeps installing play store on their tablets and vice versa and they know who you are by various metrics. Thats why(or one reason) I cant wait to go root and install a random mac changer and throw them off. I can watch my router bandwidth and even with a device turned off there is access going on and I mean major meter bending going on in the background. I prefer to allow access on my time and be in control…thats exactly what they dont want…I yield the floor :sweat_smile: :sunglasses:


Yeah, I am seriously considering the Ugoos lineup. Especially be cause the root switch option. I am anxiously awaiting for a few of the people here to post reviews of their experiences.

TP is supposed to do a review…when? Shoot, he should just fly over there and pick one up! Lol :laughing: I trend to get impatient when waiting. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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He mentions the devices should be here first or second week of February plus some time for a complete review.

But I get the frustrations. Computer is always a option if available.


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