Amazon Tablets Are Great

Prime Days bring low prices, especially on Amazon products. My 10’ tablet (2017 model) has 2gb RAM and 32 storage. New models have 3gb RAM and optional 64 storage plus you can buy up to 1TB more. Besides surfing the internet (and typing this comment), I watch Netflix, Prime, Disney and all those unmentionables that we all love to watch plus Tivimate, etc. I enjoy less buffering and great video quality. I do use Sony wireless Bluetooth headphones. Right now my wife is watching Christmas in July on the NVidia Shield and I’ve got another movie to watch on my Kindle while sitting in my recliner. If you want a secondary device to travel with or just watch while the family views something different, you could do worse. Price is usually around $100 during Prime Days.

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You can also put Tivimate on the tablet as long as you use your phone as a Bluetooth remote, or travel with a remote.


Best bang for your buck if you need a tablet . I have and older 7 or 8 " fire tablet I just use for a police scanner and another for watching my security cameras.


I have a 10" tablet I got for my very technically challenged mom and I have a problem with the charging port is loose when she plugs it in sometimes if it’s not just right it doesn’t charge but wiggle it will can that be fixed by a novice or does it have to go in a shop which probably will charge almost as much as a new one.

is it usb-c? Always get these cause they go in either direction and less likely to get screwed up.

I think it’s loose where it connects to the board . I put a new battery in it already probably not worth putting anymore money in it have to look for a good deal and get her a new one she’s 88 and spends a lot of time playing solitaire. Glad I still had the 8" one still or she would be lost . Just thought maybe someone had the same problem already and fixed it I will have to try to solder it got nothing to loose I guess thanks for the input

Keep an ete on prime day, getting close and their tablets are always on sale :+1:


I never thought I’d watch sports on a small screen.
BUT, I now use my 10" Fire Tablet fairly often.
When it’s on my lap with my fold-up Pillow Pad it must be the equivalent of a 42" or so that I would view from 10 feet away.
I can sit outside with it and watch football, golf, etc.
It does have reflections outside, I bought a stiff thin-film sheet from Walmart, 8.5x11, that pretty much eliminates the reflections.
It does cut down the brightness a touch but actually not noticeable, especially after a few minutes of viewing.
I don’t attach it, I just lay it over the screen, only one side is matte so put it on right.

Thanks… Big Dave… Just got one 10’ on Prime… Dave J.

You’ll be amazed at the many uses. Enjoy

Interesting, I’ve been an iPhone user for years but have an android box for Streaming and in the past used amazon firesticks so familiar with the Apple/amazon and android side of the house. Was recently thinking about upgrading my ipad from the very old first gen Mini I have but i’ve seen some of the Black Tuesday Amazon tablet deals and now seeing this post has raised my interest in looking at maybe going the amazon route for tablets.

I also use tivimate with an IPTV service on my Android Box and wondering if there will be any shortcomings of being able to have tivimate on the Amazon tablet WITHOUT having an android phone as i’ve seen some comments about needing the phone as a remote and I’m not switching from my iphone at this point

Tivimate is configured to be used with a remote control. I have one IPTV service and several M3U files that run great with the Kindle touch screen using IPTV Smarters. Easy answer is your IPTV service will run fine on IPTV Smarters without using your phone or Tivimate. Apps like Stremio also run great. It’s a great device for approx $100 as a secondary device.

I’ve never used an Amazon tablet, so does it block Wolf Launcher like the Fire Stick?

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There is no need for Wolf Launcher, all apps are displayed on the home screen and can be moved around. Files with multiple apps can also be created

So, it sounds like the Amazon Tablet is not so different than a typical Android tablet - like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 that I use. Thanks for the info.

Yes, very similar to the Galaxy. I started this conversation as I think the Amazon tablet 10 inch is an attractive buy if priced around $100 as in past Prime Day sales. There are now models with more RAM and storage that could cost more. The Galaxy seems like a good tablet and it would be wise to price and compare both tablets.

You don’t need to get an Android phone. You just need to find a remote/keyboard app for iPhone that works over Bluetooth. I use this one, and if you scroll down it says it works with iOS.

Also, I’m not sure if you can do it anymore or if they blocked it, but I followed the instructions to turn mine into a regular Android tablet without all the Amazon stuff. Once I did that I was able to customize the heck out of it.


Smarters does work natively with touch screens, but it’s nowhere near as good as Tivimate when it comes to layout and features. If you only watch one show per month on a phone or tablet then it’s probably easiest to just use Smarters. Any more than that I’d use Tivimate.

I agree, Tivimate is a great app. I have no trouble watching sports (Geaux Astros) using Smarters app daily on a table beside my recliner with the sound muted while watching movies or Tivimate using NVidia Shield on the big screen. I use a tablet to watch subscription services (Netflix, etc.), Movies and TV series on other apks, check emails, check stock market, play games, research movies and TV, print to wireless printer, shop everything from groceries to electronics and more. All this with a device I can hold in my lap for a cost of around $100. Tablets such as Amazon or Samsung Galaxy have a great use, but Tivimate is a problem. I am fortunate in that I can navigate other apps to watch TV .Traveling with my tablet is a dream come true, for me!

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Just know that the Amazon fire tablet does not have Cellular.