Amazon firestick4k Hacked?

my network keeps disconnecting and in notifications i see a pic of android music and alexa video which both disapears in 30 sec. I have no music or video player and they are not in notification , also when loading up vpn surfshark it says you already have a vpn going also happened in ip vanish

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I’ve been having the same issue since it auto updated. It’s also randomly blocking expressvpn. All of this happened after the last update. I had to remove the block on auto update because the firestick 4K froze up after I restarted it.

On the firestick you do have both music and video player, they come pre-installed and are Amazon so no way of removing them. Now if you have es file explorer installed then you could revert both the music and the player back to factory install and see if your issue clears. It’s all that comes to mind short of a factory reset.

This is a bug with Amazon firmware which we are waiting on being fixed. I get the “Music” notification all the time as do many others. Just have to stick it out until Amazon get it sorted I’m afraid.

On which firestick are you talking about. As far as I know there is no reported “bug” and no issue with any updates.

On all Amazon streaming devices, firestick and fire cube. It has been reported to Amazon and it’s all over YouTube with various YouTubers reporting on it.

Can you link me to an Amazon site reporting this as even doing a search I find nothing or noone reporting such an issue. I program and maintain hundreds of 4K Max and noone has reported anything like this to me. BTW sorry but I never use youtube.

This is just one of the places I read about it and remember someone saying on another website that they had reported it to Amazon.

Also he mentions it in the video below at 3:12 and just read the comments also.

Also mentions on Amazon below

I’ve been getting the Music notification for weeks now. It’s very annoying. It usually happens after I reboot Firestick 4K Max

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Thanks for the links. I found a couple more but as of yet it appears noone can find out what’s triggering it and Amazon hasn’t even responded or admitted theirs a problem. Unfortunately it’s one of those having to wait for Amazon cases. I’m going to check a few more sites and see if there’s been any progress. Keep your fingers crossed.

Yeah mate, it’s been going on now for about 4 months if not longer. At the start I thought it was something in my firestick and then I swapped to 2 fire cubes and had the same issue so went searching and found I wasn’t alone. I’m sure they will sort it someday…lol :slight_smile:

Very odd this is the first I heard of it. On a mission now to find if there is any commonality. Oooo a new adventure. Just a quick question from a random mention in another thread, have you turned off allow video and audio Autoplay in “Featured content” ?
I see some have a huge issue with this even causing network disconnects.

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I haven’t mate, I actually like this feature but will try it out and see if it makes any difference. I’ve no network disconnections although I’m using these Ugreen gigabyte hubs and micro USB adapters below so both my cubes are on LAN.

I also use a powered hub connected to my 4K Max. Makes modifying and testing out apps much easier. I never let any autoplay on the devices I configure. I figure on the Max that this autoplay crap may interfer with and reduce my system free resources and the Max has precious few now. lol. Just bouncing some ideas around as I don’t have this problem and wonder if a config setting could stop it. I always turn off all notifications and actually use the debloat toolbox to disable it entirely.

I’ve just installed the debloat tool from tpapp, which one do I tick to stop notifications as it doesn’t give me the option to turn of music notification within the amazon software?

There is a music selection in the debloat tool. Scroll down and it’s “Bueller.Music”. You may want to do some research and watch a couple of vids from explaining what to choose. For example, I turn off free time and market place you may not want to depending on how you use your device.
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