Adding external storage using adapter for ethernet

I have formatted my usb and connected to my OCG cable, but also have Amazon adapter for ethernet. I have connected the adapter, but it is not showing up in settings showing the USB
what am I doing wrong

Use ES File Explorer or Xplore to see the partition. The later firesticks don’t show it in the settings menu.

Hey Gran…

You can also download an app from TP RAI… then go to manage apps & see if u have a flashdrv icon next to it

thank you, not showing there either. When I go to Storage on Fire TV Cube it only shows Internal.and External Space "No USB Storage Detected

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Thanks, I give it a try

What is the external storage if it’s not the usb? Do you have something else hooked up?

not having any luck with that, but thank you

I have Amazon adapter for ethernet (for my internet)

Your welcome…

Maybe reformat thru firestick again?

I have the adapter connected to my Cube, with ethernet connected and the OTG cable(with USB) is connected to the adapter also,

I’m sorry, but how would I do that. Not a “wiz” with all this, but I try

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Go to settings…
My fire Tv…
Down to usb drive
Format to internal storage…

Read the directions on the right …make sure thats what you want…

it’s showing no USB Storage Detected

Dang it…

Maybe some of these techies can chime in & help u out… sorry the basic stuff didnt work

no problem, I really appreciate you trying though

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How did you format it the first time? Plugged into the firestick or did you format it on a PC?

sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you

I did the format on my Mac

can it be formatted on the Firestick?

Hey Gran…

I gave you the directions to format on FIRESTICK on my prevoius posts… I thought u tried it & it didnt work…

Formatting on firestick is if you want to Extend your INTERNAL storage (downloading apps)

Also heres more info Jay put up


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