Add On for College Basketball

What is a good reliable add on for college basketball using Kodi? Thanks.

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I find The Crew and Mad Titan Sports are good. Between the two of them you will find what you need.


^^ Those are the 2 that i use.

Just wondering I have Kodi and crew but I can’t get any NCAA basketball. Only have
two links to click on and neither one opens up. The NFL works MLB works NBA says
check logs. What does the white cloud out to the end of links mean, cause any link
with that won’t load. I’ve tried Mad Titan get get it installed. Is there an other repository
that needs to be loaded


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My mad titan in Kodi 19.3 Matrix has it.

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Thanks for the replies. I have Kodi 18.6 and Crew. No college basketball games on Crew as glb1025 explained. Tried countless time to add Mad Titan, but was not able to. Any other add on (s) for college basketball?

Update to matrix 19.3, install Mad Titan and stream your buns off.

Thanks Miki for the tip. How do I update to Kodi 19.3? Will I lose everything in 18.6, and have to reinstall them?

I know there is a way to update and keep your settings but I’m no expert on kodi @Jayhawks659 is the guy to answer that question.

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If you are just updating then you don’t need to backup anything. All your settings and addons will stay. But if you’re installing a build you will lose everything. The best thing to do for a build is install a fork (second application) so you have two instances of Kodi on your device.

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Tx @Jayhawks659 Always appreciate your help. One day I may be back up to speed with Kodi.

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Jayhawks659, what are the steps to just do an update to 19.3? Is there an option in Kodi to do an update? Thanks


When you download the newest version and install it’ll just update the old one. It might prompt you. Just make sure you’re paying attention and do not select fresh install if you get that message. A fresh install will delete everything. If you are worried about it then backup everything.

I could have sworn I posted in here about doing backups with Kodi. Maybe someone deleted it. You can go into Kodi settings to the add-on menu and install from Kodi repository. Go to program add-ons and there’s one called backup. Follow the steps in the addon to create a backup file. If you do a fresh install of Kodi then do these steps again but choose restore and point it to the file you saved.

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If you find it let me know, I will add it to the guide.

Thanks Jayhawks659. I’ll take a look at the steps you mention. I have spent a considerable amount of time doing installations of Kodi, RealDebrid, and several add ons. Don’t want to delete it all and have to redo everything. I wish all I would have to do is go to settings and find an update link and click on it and the update would install.

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There’s also a KODI Addon for Leia/Matrix called GOTO. Lot’s of IPTV Sports Channels and if you know the Network the Game you are looking for you can find it and lot’s of working streams for College Basketball yesterday. It’s included in most of the Grindhouse group KODI Builds. Link to install the Addon: GOTO Kodi Addon (C:>Goto) (All-In-One) –

Tx for this. I’ll give it a test run and see how well it works on my 4K Max.

One final thought. I was advised to check if the add ons I have will work with Kodi 19.3. I do not know how to check. So, I am asking will Crew and Seren work with the new Kodi 19.3?

I can only answer about the crew, as I only have it and Mad Titan as addons. Following @Jayhawks659 vids on speeding Kodi up and Troy’s kodi vids as well, I can tell you The Crew does work. Some hiccups but seems better every day.

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